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SWTOR Devs talk 6.1.4, PTS, PvP Toxicity, Credit Sellers

On September 11 community manager Eric Musco and design director Chris Schmidt were guests to my friend Aviriia – a content creator and inspired PvP player! This article will give you the highlights of that interview, which aired live on Twitch and took about an hour. Link to the event is also attached at the bottom of the post!To get more news about Buy Swtor Credits, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Aviriia played host to Musco and Chris tonight live on Twitch to discuss some of the current hot topics related to Star Wars The Old Republic. In the following paragraphs you will read a very lose transcript of the interview mixed with my own analysis and thoughts.
Eric Musco is the community manager for SWTOR. He has been on this position for over nine years. More likely close to ten now. He was hired for that job as a regular fan of the game. Musco is playing the role of a bridge between the players and the developers bringing information back and forth.

Chris Schmidt is the design director. He has been with BioWare (and EA) for over eleven years. He started work on SWTOR before launch (which was in 2011). Later he joined other EA teams to work on other games, including Shadow Realms and Anthem. Shortly after Onslaught and 6.0 were released he was brought back to help the SWTOR team and has also been quite active on the forums as well.
In the very fist sentence on this topic Musco made an analogy of BioWare being the “cops” and the credit sellers being the “criminals”. That’s what credit sellers are to any in-game economy. And this is a great analogy, I think.

Following on that Musco also spoke why the studio avoids being overly open and talkative on this topic. If a credit seller hears what the studio’s actions and methods are, they will likely change their strategy. BioWare doesn’t want the credit sellers to know exactly what measures are being taken against them and how.

Recently BioWare made a silent change. It was not announced at all, it wasn’t a part of a game update either. It did, however, produce results and positive ones. Musco explained that this change actually impacted the credit sellers.

I personally don’t spend too much of my in-game time on the origin planets or on the Fleet, but I too have a feeling that credit sellers spammers and emails have been somewhat less annoying lately. Probably because some of them have been successfully purged.

“We try to cover this from a couple of different angles.” – Musco said, and added “Some times we address the mechanism (chat) they use to sell you credits. Some times we go after the accounts that are moving credits through. And in some cases we do large systemic changes behind the scenes to try to address either side of it” – my lose transcript of Musco’s words.The vast majority of credit selling actually happens through compromised player accounts. Keep your account safe. Use a Security Key! It’s easy to download the app on your phone and attach it to your SWTOR account.

One more important thing to note from Musco’s speech is that BioWare acts on credit sellers in chunks. Or rather on a massive scale. They don’t hunt down one account at a time, because four new will spawn in its place. They try when they catch credit sellers and act against them to do that in large quantities to make sure they ban as many of the cluster as possible.

Then Chris stepped up to address the economy side of the question at hand. SWTOR’s economy has been suffering from billions of credits pouring into the game for years.
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