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7 Ways to Stay Safe With Smart Home Technology

Home security and home automation used to be two entirely separate worlds, with distinct household duties.To get more news about home security products, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Security was a wired mixture of keypads, sensors, motion detectors, fire/smoke alarms, and other devices that helped to keep you safe. Home automation was … well, not much of anything, other than a crockpot or a light that went on and off when you clapped your hands.Thankfully, that’s all over. Now, smart home security is a wireless network of high-tech, low-profile equipment with professional monitoring that keeps you safer than ever. Smart-home devices have exploded in popularity, making your home an even better place to be.
The best part is that home automation and security now intersect in a simple ecosystem that opens up an integrated world of possibilities.

The future of technology is already here. All you have to do is figure out how it fits into your life.Arguably, the first shot in the home automation revolution was fired in 2011 by Nest, with its “learning thermostat.”

Up to that point, other thermostats had been programmable to a limited degree. Nest created a home automation device that learned your patterns, such as when you like it cool or hot, or when you’re likely to be home or gone.Since then, Nest and other technology companies have expanded their reach into both home automation and home security.

To find a place where home automation and security intersect, just step outside your front door. The easiest way to keep your home safe is not to let intruders inside at all.

Millions of homeowners are using easy-to-install video doorbells to see, listen and speak to whoever’s there. You don’t even have to be home; everything happens through the smartphone. Nothing scares a potential burglar quicker than someone telling them to get lost.You don’t have to look far to see another marriage of home automation and security. Door locks have gone far beyond a simple key, and they do a lot more than just keep intruders out.

It’s even easier to see the practical benefits of home automation for garage-door control. It’s one thing to open or close the door with a one-trick push-button gadget. It’s another to use your smartphone to control it from anywhere, or automatically open or close it as your car approaches it.

Anyone who has ever gotten a few miles from home and forgotten whether they closed the garage door appreciates the value of smartphone control. No more turning around to check.Once you’re inside the house, it’s even easier to make home automation technology part of your everyday life. When you’re away, you don’t have to wonder what’s going on. You can see for yourself with live or recorded video.

Sophisticated video cameras used to be available only for companies with inventory to protect, or for retailers who wanted to cut down on shoplifting. But, video surveillance has become surprisingly affordable and easy for homeowners as a smart home security tool.

It doesn’t take a professional to install indoor or outdoor video cameras, especially if they’re part of a wireless home security system. It’s usually just simple peel-and-stick mounting or a bracket with a couple of screws.
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