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Ling Fang also ignored Lu Tanana's reaction. His eagle-sharp eyes turned to look at Fan Xisi, who had come to care about Lu Tanana. After a while, his eyes turned and fell behind Fan Xisi. Tai Yue even said, "Oh, the sword behind you looks good, child!" "This.." Faced with Ling Fang's sharp eyes, Fan Xisi felt uncomfortable all over his body and was at a loss. But Odin turned a blind eye to Ling Fang. Odin knew that Ling Fang had not yet let go of himself. He was about to open his mouth, but Ling Fang opened his mouth first and said coldly: "Earlier, you disappeared for two years under the influence of the consciousness control of the evil spirits in your body. And the tragic defeat of the Goddess Tower that day was only due to your lack of ability. Now you are completely back to normal." Knowing that there is a trap in front of you but insisting on choosing to break into the fortress of Carlot, your decision may be too hasty, but why not ask Ben Shao for help, don't you believe in Ben Shao's strength? "No!"! I just.. Just as Odin was about to explain, Ling Fang was the first to say, "Regardless of the relationship between the ancient evil way and the ancient magic weapon, with the friendship between you and me, do you think Ben Shao will sit back and watch you go deep into the dangerous place?" Ling Fang sulked a series of impolite questions so that Odin did not know how to explain for a while, although earlier to see Sophie appeared to be ready to face Ling Fang's psychological preparation, but now really face Ling Fang so cold appearance, Odin also only felt scalp tingling do not know what to say. Just then, Su Meng's voice came clearly from the far side: "Ah told you that your bad sister abandoned you maliciously, and you were so stupid that you thought she would come back." As soon as Su Meng's voice stopped, the little girl retorted, "Sister Nana won't leave me alone. She must be lost or in danger on the way to find food!" They followed the voice to look, faintly visible Su Meng is holding a little girl is slowly walking in this direction, Lu Tanana said face not only more ugly, quickly turned to flee the scene, but Lu Tanana just turned around and did not step out, he gave Ling Fang a grasp of the back collar pity, Lu Tanana heart a hurry constantly struggling to curse. But then I heard Ling Fang say clearly: "Don't try to escape!"! If you run away, I'll lose sleep again tonight. It turned out that Ling Fang came with Sophie and Su Meng to the southern wilderness forest when she happened to meet Josephine sitting by the roadside crying. After Sophie's concern and inquiry, she knew that Josephine had come here with Loutanana a few days ago. Loutanana claimed that she was going to look for food and asked Josephine to wait for her, but she didn't come back. And Josephine, because she was afraid that Lutanana would not be able to find her when she came back, was really obedient and naive to wait for Lutanana to come back. At that time, according to Sophie's judgment, if Josephine's words were true, the two little girls could come to the dangerous southern barbarian forest, which proved that they were not ordinary little girls, and that if Lutanana did not return, she would either get lost after entering the forest or take the opportunity to deliberately leave Josephine. When Sophie told Su Meng and Ling Fang about the result of her judgment, Su Meng looked at the lovely Josephine and volunteered to take care of her without paying any attention to Sophie's warning, but who knew that Josephine was usually quiet and timid, but she always cried in the middle of the night to find Lutana. Su Meng, Pallet rack upright , who was in charge of taking care of Josephine, tried to appease her, but later she simply went back to sleep, which made Ling Fang, who had always had a keen ear, suffer. Now that she saw Lutanana come to report automatically, she thought that she could finally get rid of this annoying crybaby and have a good sleep. How could Ling Fang let Lutanana leave? Let go of Miss Ben, you tiresome creature! Watching Josephine gradually approaching, Lutanana kept struggling and shouting in a hurry, but Ling Fang's hands were tight, no matter how Lutanana struggled, she could not break free from Ling Fang's hands.
At this time, Josephine saw from a distance that she was pitied by Ling Fang. After rubbing her big eyes to make sure that she was right, she immediately shouted excitedly: "Sister Meng, look, it's Sister Nana!" More shake off Su Meng's hand, quickly ran to the direction of Lu Tanana, Ling Fang saw Josephine ran to hurriedly put down Lu Tanana, see Josephine a snot and tears tightly hugged Lu Tanana crying: "Nana sister!"! Little Fanny misses you so much. Luthanana was hugged tightly by Josephine and knew that she could not escape. She could only sigh with an ugly face and said, "Oh, it's all right!"! Miss Ben has come back safely. Don't hold her so tightly. After the "touching" reunion, Josephine let go of Lutanana, but her little hand was still holding the corner of Lutanana's clothes, and then she said excitedly with tears in her eyes: "Sister Nana, after you disappeared, little Fanny was very good waiting for you! It's just that there are strange sounds at night. It's terrible. Fortunately, I met Sister Meng. They all take good care of little Fanny. Lu Tanana looked at Su Meng, eyes shot out of the eyes of complaint, the heart is not happy, the words naturally do not leave any room for impolite taunt said: "Oh!"! It turned out to be a famous red-haired woman with well-developed limbs and a simple mind, who was very angry when she had nothing to do. Su Meng, the Lord of Fire and Burning Fire! Everyone knows that Su Meng's temper is like the burning on her hands, like an unstable volcano. Hearing Lutanana's impolite mockery, Ling Fang and Odin turned pale at the same time, but Su Meng unexpectedly did not move. And Su Meng was indifferent to Lu Tanana's mockery, not because she changed her nature, but because she saw Odin, the reunion after a long separation made Su Meng temporarily difficult for herself and the whole person froze, and now Su Meng's eyes were on Odin, neither noticing the Sophie in Odin's arms, nor noticing the existence of Lu Tanana and Vashisi. Not to mention hearing Lutanana's incisive taunt just now. Su Meng walked slowly to Odin step by step. Unconsciously, her eyes were already full of tears because she was moved. When Su Meng walked up to Odin, her eyes looked at Odin's expression of being a little overwhelmed. After a while, she said, "Long time no see!"! You Become haggard. Looking at Su Meng's tears falling down her cheeks, Odin naturally reached out to wipe away the tears from Su Meng's eyes and said gently, "Su Meng, too, how have you been these two years?" 。 omracking.com
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