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As a host, he had no guests for a long time, so he naturally wanted to be a host. After asking the stuffy oil bottle to warm his body and drinking buttered tea, he walked around the temple with the stuffy oil bottle. During this period, the old Lama, intentionally or unintentionally, always wanted to ask the stuffy oil bottle some questions. Strangely, the stuffy oil bottle did not hide it. He repeatedly stressed that he came from the snow mountain. Between his words, there was no sign of lying or concealing. At that time, although the old Lama was young, he had been trained and had a special control over the curiosity of the world. He did not continue to ask questions. (Originally, this matter would have passed after staying overnight in the stuffy oil bottle at most.). After the stuffy oil bottle leaves, the life of the old Lama will also be on the right track. w w w/xiao shu otx t.com The ninth chapter is about the key clue of the stuffy oil bottle. T, xt, small, say day, Tang That night, the stuffy oil bottle chatted with the old Lama in the old Lama's room for the last few words,tin beneficiation plant, explained the idea of leaving tomorrow, expressed gratitude, and the old Lama sent the stuffy oil bottle back to his room. The structure of the temple was so complicated that it was impossible for ordinary people to find a room without guidance. They went around and around the temple. When they passed a courtyard, the old Lama's oil lamp went out. It was dark, and the courtyard was particularly dark in the moonlight. The old Lama stopped and went to light the oil lamp. At this time, the stuffy oil bottle looked up at the sky. The sky of Tibet is full of stars, which is as beautiful as a dream. For the old Lama,tin beneficiation plant, when he was a child, he felt that the sky was like that. He did not feel that there was anything strange in the sky. He lit the oil lamp and set off again, only to find that the stuffy oil bottle did not move and only looked at the sky lightly. Guest of honor, this way. The old Lama said, and then the stuffy oil bottle came to his senses and asked him, "Guru, are there 127 rooms in your Lama Temple?" The old Lama was stunned for a moment. Indeed, there were 127 rooms in the temple, which he knew when he first came to the temple. Although some rooms were very small, the total number was 127. How can the stuffy oil bottle know? The old Lama nodded yes. "Excuse me," said the stuffy oil bottle, "can I go to every room and have a look?" "Distinguished guest, gold cil machine ,Portable gold trommel, why do you suddenly have this idea?" The Grand Lama wanted to ask, but was immediately restrained by the power of his practice. He had no delusion, no curiosity, and he should not be interested in these things. The old Lama restrained himself for a moment and suddenly felt that the stuffy oil bottle was sent by God to test his practice. So he nodded and said, "All right." "I remember the starry sky here." The stuffy oil bottle said to itself, "I should have been here a long time ago. I seem to vaguely remember that I left something for myself in a room here." "May you find it." The old Lama said, and the curiosity in his heart almost made him vomit blood. I said in my heart that it's not that I haven't practiced enough. Talking in a stuffy oil bottle can really make Buddha hold his breath and vomit blood. That night, they looked one by one, one by one. The old Lama could not remember which room it was. He only knew that more than two hours later, they opened an idle room. When they went in, the pace of the stuffy oil bottle slowed down and stopped moving. The old Lama did not move either, but he knew that there must be something in the room that had touched the stuffy oil bottle. The stuffy oil bottle went into the room. There was a wooden table in the middle of the room. It was full of debris. He moved the debris away. Among the debris, a withered body was exposed. The body was lying on the desk, completely mummified, covered by debris, and wearing a monk's robe, it was impossible to see what it looked like. The old Lama turned pale with fright. He had never thought that there would be a mummy in a room in the temple that had not been used for a long time. But the people in the temple are all together. Who is this man? Could it be that this is the Lama of the former temple, who died here, and no one has found it for a long time? "Who is this?" The old Lama could no longer restrain himself and stammered. This is the Naruhito Lama, a friend of mine. Unexpectedly, he died here.
” "Lama Deren?" The old Lama has never heard of this name. The stuffy oil bottle tidied up the table and found a scroll of scripture in the mummy's hand. He spread out the scriptures, sighed lightly, and said to the old Lama, "Please tidy up this room and bury Naruhito's body well. I want to live here." The old Lama did not respond at all. He suddenly felt that everything around him had become strange. It seemed that he knew less about the temple than the stuffy oil bottle. The stuffy oil bottle sat down, looked at the scripture, and stopped talking to the old Lama. The stuffy oil bottle has lived here for several months. Later, they looked up the information and discovered a phenomenon that made the old Lama even more collapsed: the Naruhito Lama did register in the temple, and the first record was actually there when the temple was first built. Looking down, he found that in almost every generation of Lama, there was one named Naruhito. It was not until this generation that the name Naruhi disappeared from the register. This is definitely not the same Naruhito, but many generations of Naruhito, and, looking at the records in the roster, almost every Naruhitoto will receive an apprentice named Naruito. What is this, another tradition in the temple? It seems that the name Naruhito has a special meaning for the temple, and each generation of lamas in the temple must have a name called Naruhito. Naruhito turned into a mummy should be the last Naruhito, he did not know why, died in the room, there is no disciple, so led to the dating of Naruhi. Why? Is this really an ordinary Lamasery? The old Lama could not suppress his curiosity. Besides being able to control his emotions, being a monk was also very good. If he found that he had not practiced enough,sodium cyanide price, he could admit it enough. He found that there must be a connection between the stuffy oil bottle and the temple, so he didn't need to keep the problem in his heart for polite reasons. He found the stuffy oil bottle and asked the truth of the matter. The stuffy oil bottle told him, as if there was no intention of concealing it. ore-magnetic-mining.com
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