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Although still for the missed inheritance and heartache, also some annoyed Xue Yicheng, but Si Qinian considering the political significance of what he is doing now, reluctantly, the heart is not so uncomfortable. The position of the young palace master, he is the most justified. As for Xue Yicheng, if he can achieve a pair of immortal couples with Xue Yicheng, who is the young palace master, who is the future palace master, in fact, there is no need to care too much, is it. He will always be good to Xue Yicheng. Si Qinianzhi was satisfied. With the passage of time, the elite disciples of the elders who had been invited to be the head of the clan arrived one after another and took their seats in the hall. Si Qinian also returned to the Yunxiao Hall from the front of the mountain gate and stood with Xue Yicheng, one left and one right, behind the head of the Jiuxiao Palace. The master of the Jiuxiao Palace stood with his hands on his back and came straight to the point: "We invite all of you to come here today to clarify the stigma and slander that the Jiuxiao Palace has suffered during this period of time, so as to rectify the name of the Palace." Jiuxiao Palace Doctrine is saying, "My Jiuxiao Palace School has been established for thousands of years, and what I have done is worthy of my heart and the right path. The Lin family in Pingyao is by no means framed.". As for Lin Moxi, a disciple of Jiuxiao Palace. The words of the master of Jiuxiao Palace made many people's eyebrows jump. Lin Moxi, a disciple of Jiuxiao Palace? At the beginning, who said that it was the Guangyuan Sect that had no way to teach, so he launched an attack, liquidated the Guangyuan Sect, and distributed Guangyuan to the wild and soulless land of the mainland? "The matter of Mo Xi should be reported by the disciple." Xue Yicheng stepped forward and said respectfully. The head of Jiuxiao Palace nodded slightly and said with a sigh, "You come." Xue Yicheng saluted all the people in the hall first, and then said, "Lin Moxi and I are in love with each other. Although the clan was responsible for the oversight at the beginning, it was also a conspiracy of the evil way.." All the people in the hall looked at Xue Yicheng with complicated eyes. This Jiuxiao Palace is really a good means, all this can also coax Xue Yicheng back. No,chrome washing machine, maybe from the very beginning, Xue Yicheng was a conspiracy against Lin Moxi. Considering the possibility of conspiracy, the people looked at Xue Yicheng's eyes in the hall and suddenly became meaningful. Bao Buqi was that Jiuxiao Palace knew Lin Moxi's true life experience, so it sent Xue Yicheng to approach him and coax him. Poor Lin Moxi, the favored son of heaven, is obviously the most promising talent to achieve yuan Ying, but what he meets is not human, and he is forced to commit suicide by Jiuxiao Palace. It is said that the inside story of the Lin family in Pingyao is false, the digging of spiritual roots is false, and all the information is false. If they really thought they were fools, the people of Jiuxiao Palace would say a few righteous words, and they would all believe it? Just as Xue Yicheng was trying to explain and endorse the Jiuxiao Palace, trying to position the culprit as the forces on the other side of the Demon Way, when the Jiuxiao Palace was only a little poor person who had been deceived, a sound clearly sounded in the Yunxiao Hall. "Lin Moxi, Carbon in Pulp ,gold CIP machine, an orphan of the Lin family in Pingyao, came to collect debts today." Lin Hui's voice was cold, word by word, "Lin's family is full of 132 people, with numerous blood debts, Jiuxiao Palace, the crime can not be punished!" A sound, shocked all the people in the hall, also let Xue Yicheng's words suddenly stagnate in the mouth. At that moment, Xue Yicheng's brain was blank. He couldn't remember the words he had thought before. He only murmured, "Mo Xi?"? Mo Xi! Xue Yicheng shouted and rushed out of the hall. Click. There was a sharp sound. Si Qinian accidentally crushed the armrest of the seat. His eyes widened and he kept saying, "How, how is that possible?!"! Isn't Lin Moxi already dead? Isn't he already dead?! There was a lot of discussion in the Yunxiao Hall. The expression on the face of the master of Jiuxiao Palace changed again and again. He suddenly brushed his sleeve and said in a deep voice, "This must be a plot of the evil way!" In front of the gate of Jiuxiao Palace, under the watchful and restless gaze of the disciples guarding the gate, Lin Huimo, dressed in a blue suit and holding a long knife, ended his voice and left 30 seconds for all the people in Yunxiao Palace to react. Yang Yuxin, on the other hand, leaned his arms around his chest, and his existence was to guard against some shameless yuan Yingqi. Dao Xiu is a mudslide in the realm of cultivation. With a wisp of Dao, they are able to challenge each other. It is not impossible to kill a yuan Ying in the golden elixir period, but if he is surrounded and beaten by a group of yuan Ying, Lin Huimo will have a lot of trouble. In the plot, Lin Moxi is able to pick the Jiuxiao Palace with a sword, because after a hundred years, he is already in the period of coming out of the orifices.
It is easy to deal with a group of yuan Ying in an OBE period, not to mention that there are only two yuan Ying monks in Jiuxiao Palace, and the rest are just golden elixir monks. Thirty seconds later, Lin Huimou raised his hand with a knife, which lingered on the blade. After a deafening noise, the boundary of the mountain protection outside the Jiuxiao Palace was shattered. The disciple guarding the gate has been scared silly. At the end of Lin Hui, Shi Shiran lifted his feet and set foot on the land of Jiuxiao Palace. The disciple who was in charge of guarding the gate did not even dare to make a move under the pressing knife. After Lin Hui passed by, he sat on the ground and sweated all over. Since the establishment of Jiuxiao Palace, no one has ever come directly to the door and broken the boundary of Jiuxiao Palace. Mo Xi! Xue Yicheng has arrived. Xue Yicheng looked at Lin Huimo excitedly and rushed over directly, as if he wanted a hug after a long separation? Lin Huimo: Hehe. Lin Hui did not hesitate to lift his foot and kick Xue Yicheng in the chest. The defenseless Xue Yicheng spurted out a mouthful of blood, his sternum was sunken, and the whole person flew out upside down, bumping into the crowd who rushed out to check the situation. Elder Martial Brother Xue! Si Qinian hurriedly flew forward and hugged Xue Yicheng. As a result, Lin Huimo left on Xue Yicheng's body was not offset by the force directly hit the body of Si Qinian, although not let him like Xue Yicheng such a whole person fly out, but also let Si Qinian stuffy hum, a wisp of blood from the mouth. Si Qinian knelt on one knee and supported Xue Yicheng, who was seriously injured. The Lord of Jiuxiao Palace was furious. Not only were Xue Yicheng and Si Qinian injured, but also the school array of Jiuxiao Palace was broken. The mountain protection array is a necessary defensive array for every large gate. When it is fully opened, it can withstand the attack of yuan Ying's great power, but the energy consumption is simply burning the spirit stone. At ordinary times,gold shaking table, the first layer of the mountain protection array is opened, and the disciple card distributed by Zongmen is the entry pass, which at most blocks some thieves. ore-magnetic-mining.com
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