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The bones in Lin Xi's body sent out bursts of thunder, and the power of thunder turned into thunder, constantly blasting into his bones. These powerful thunder forces are transforming his bones, making his bones more and more dense, and revealing a brilliant thunder! "Not bad!"! My bones are getting denser and denser, and the strength I can bear is getting stronger and stronger! I'm afraid that now with the strength of the body, you can kill a master of the amulet! Lin Xi felt the surging waves in his body, full of waves of strength. Lin Xi was completely immersed in the growth of this power. Time slowly passed, do not know how long, Lin Xi felt that there is no trace of strength, into the body, and finally opened his eyes. A large number of thunder crystals suspended on the True Qi have disappeared. Only a thick layer of ash was left. That's the remains of the thunder spar. On the contrary, there are a lot of fire and fire materials left around, and basically only less than 10% of them are consumed. Lin Xi's two unique disciplines of ice and fire have reached a state of saturation. Although there are materials, there is no way to absorb them. It's like a cup full of water, and if you pour it into it, it will only flow out. Is it still not the sixth level of gas refining? Lin Xi felt it carefully,cosmetic packaging wholesale, and the True Qi in his body was much denser. However, the expected scene of the collapse of the True Qi and its transformation into an amulet did not appear. Moreover, "Leigong Dafa" has not reached the realm of Dacheng, and it is still not much different. A look of disappointment passed through Lin Xi's heart. So many thunder materials have not been able to sacrifice to the realm of Dacheng! How many materials does this Leigong Dafa need to consume! Where can I get so much thunder material? Lin Xi felt a deep sense of helplessness in his heart. The rarity of thunder materials is recognized. This time, he scraped the "storehouse" of ten strong Daoguo people to get so many thunder materials. But in this way, there is no sacrifice to the realm of Dacheng. In addition to the thunder materials absorbed in the "Xiandao Business Alliance" last time,oil dropper bottle, Lin Xi absorbed energy in order to sacrifice this "Leigong Dafa". It is already more than the original "Lieyang Dafa". And what Lin Xi is particularly concerned about is. Absorbing so much thunder energy, Lin Xi's True Qi once again collapsed and compressed, but it has not yet "tallied" and reached the six-fold of Qi refining! "Forget it!"! Sure enough, the more powerful the skill is, the more difficult it is to practice! At the beginning, I made the foundation so solid, and now it is expected. We can only think of a way later! As soon as Lin Xi's mind moved, the 10 dimensional fairy bags opened their mouths and sucked the materials back. At the same time, with a wave of his palm, he immediately smashed all the crystals and threw them out. Camilla. Motu.. Lin Xi raised his head, gave a cry, and at the same time lifted his legs and walked forward. Da! Just took the first step, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Glass Cream Jars, with a boom, the earth shook, and a large area of ground under Lin Xi's feet collapsed directly and sank. Lin Xi was caught off guard. The body is vertical. "Bang," directly into a shadow, swish, a few blink of an eye, disappeared. Master! ——” Camilla and Motu were shocked and their minds were confused. ……” Hell magic dragon looked at the air, the mouth is about to drop: "This is how to return a responsibility?"? What's the boss running for? "I don't know. Let's catch up and have a look." Camilla shook her head, too. Two eyes are also confused. Swish! The two familiars rose to the sky and hurried to catch up. Whew! Camilla and the infernal dragon had not been far away when they heard a burst of laughter coming from above. Ha ha ha Lin Xi smiled and fell from the sky. Master, what's the matter? Why are you laughing? Is there any good thing? The hell dragon salivated his face. There are good things, but it has nothing to do with you. Lin Xi pressed his palm and pushed the hell dragon over. Camilla looked at Lin Xi. Looked at a few eyes, carefully felt a few times, thoughtfully said: "Master, you are just out of control of energy?" Lin Xi's eyes flashed a different color: "Camilla, you are smarter.". I just only pay attention to whether I have reached the six-fold of Qi refining, but I don't pay attention to the change of my own strength.
The body's reaction is still stuck in the memory of the past, caught off guard, using too much force, will step on the ground collapsed, flying over the clouds. “……” The dragon of hell. ……” Camilla. Love is such a thing ah, hell magic dragon rolled his eyes, muttering in his heart, I thought something had happened. Immortals generally have a strong control over True Qi, and it is rare for True Qi to be out of control. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is normal for the body to take some time to adapt when the strength increases too much at one time. Even the strong immortals are the same. Master, how much has the strength increased in this practice? Or did Camilla see something strange and ask. Haha, before practicing, my strength was probably comparable to the strength of eighteen holy sons. This time, I increased the strength of four holy sons. Reached the power of twenty-two sons. But that's not the main thing. As soon as Lin Xi's palm turned over, a dice-like instrument immediately appeared in his palm and dripped around. Seal of mountains and rivers! Camilla was taken aback. I recognized this unique artifact at a glance. That's right! I can now begin to use the seal of mountains and rivers without burning the elixir. That's all that matters! Lin Xi laughed. Boom! As soon as he flicked his finger, the "seal of mountains and rivers" flashed in the wind, immediately changing the mountains the size of several houses, overlapping, suspended above his head, a thick and boundless breath, immediately emitted. If you want to use "Juepin", there is a minimum requirement for True Qi. Just like a heavy stone, it can't be lifted without enough strength. If Qi refiners want to use it forcibly to make up for this gap,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, they must burn a lot of elixirs to make up for the gap in strength at the cost of the energy of the elixirs! Bridging the gap, however, comes at a price. penghuangbottle.com
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