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"Oh.." Mu Ling fiercely remembered that this was Yue Zaiyun who had just fought with Yue Zaiting. All right. Yue Zaiyun nodded to Qin Wangtian and turned to look at Mu Ling. Mu Ling took the fan, looked Yue Zaiyun up and down, rolled his eyes, had some ideas in his heart, and said, "So it's Yue Childe, cough." "Is Mr. Lin really ill?" Yue Zaiyun was a little worried, but when he saw Mu Ling nodding, he said weakly, "I've had a stubborn illness since I was a child. Doctors say that I can't live to be twenty years old at the age of 100, so my parents gave me such a name." "Oh.." Yue Zaiyun gasped. It was really pitiful. Mu Ling said as he drew a cross behind his back, silently saying in his heart that his life was not good because he was a hundred years old, but Lao Tzu wanted to live to a hundred years old, no, ninety-nine years old! "Then.." How old is the gentleman now? Yue Zaiyun finally came to his senses and then asked Mu Ling. Alas.. Mu Ling waved his hand, "I went through all kinds of hardships, looking for medicine everywhere, and finally I lived a little longer, but I was worried about my life every day." Sir, it's really hard. Yue Zaiyun also felt sorry for Mu Ling. As soon as Qin Wangtian heard it behind him, he knew that Mu Ling was going to punish him again, and he looked at Yue Zaiyun with some sympathy. Right Mu Ling began to turn to the theme and said to Yue Zaiyun with a smile, "Mr. Yue,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, I heard that Mu Ling, the best doctor in the world, was invited to this banquet." "Yes." Yue Zaiyun nodded, "I heard that the second brother was specially invited to examine his father's body." "Oh, really?"? So is it convenient for him to help me see a doctor by the way? Mu Ling asked while looking for, the heart said that the impostor to die where on earth? As soon as I finished asking, I heard someone suddenly say, "This is my honor." As soon as Mu Ling turned his face, he saw a handsome man standing beside him,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, half a head taller than himself, dressed in an aqua blue gown, with a smile on his face. Mu Ling blinked and heard Yue Zaiting hurriedly come up and say, "Mu Shenyi, let me introduce to you, this is Lin Baisui, Mr. Lin, this is Mu Ling, the best doctor in the world." Mu Ling looked up. Stunned. He had thought that a person who did such a thing as impersonation must be a wretched three-inch man with no taste, but. The man in front of him is not only tall, handsome and elegant, but also well-dressed, and his speech and behavior are extraordinary. Seeing Mu Ling standing there with his mouth open, the fake Mu Ling smiled and pointed to a table next to him, saying, "Mr. Lin, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, go there and sit down. I'll feel your pulse." With these words, he took the lead in walking to the table. Mu Ling froze in place, feeling Qin Wangtian behind him patted him, turned around, "what?" Qin Wangtian leaned over and said in a very low voice, "I think you should change your name." Mu Ling narrowed his eyes and glanced at him. "Why?" "Don't you think?" Qin Wangtian took a glance at the fake Mu Ling who came to the table and sat down. "He looks more like Mu Ling than you do. Ask someone else if you don't believe me." Mu Ling was so angry that he grinded his teeth. Deciding not to avenge this, Mu Ling, who was not a gentleman, thought of ten thousand ways to kill the man. He went over bitterly and sat down opposite the fake Mu Ling, staring at him. The fake wood Ling laughed twice, stretched out his hand to the desktop and touched it gently, saying, "Lin Xiandi put his hand up and feel your pulse for your brother." Mu Ling said in his heart, "Who is your good brother? I don't know who is big and who is small." But he reached out and put his hand on the table. The fake wood Ling reached up, three fingers gently touched the wood Ling's wrist, strange is that his fingers are not on the wood Ling's pulse, but slowly from the root of the wrist, and then stay on the pulse. Although it looks like a casual action, it feels a little ambiguous. Mu Ling wondered in his heart. Does this kid eat my tofu? The false wood Ling felt his pulse for a moment, then withdrew his hand and said, "You are very ill, and you will not live more than a year." "Oh.." Just listen to the people around him gasp, of course, the loudest is Mu Ling.
Silence for a while, Mu Ling jumped up and lifted the table, "Ah Ah Bah, you are dead, I am still alive, I live a long life!" Qin Wangtian powerless, Mu Ling this fellow, a excitement to reveal the nature again. Of course, Mu Ling's reaction once again caused the people around him to gasp. The fake Mu Ling laughed and said, "It's not easy for you. You're still so lively when you're pregnant. It's really painful to be brave." So, everyone then gasped, this is a naked flirtation ah! Mu Ling was so angry that his face turned white. His heart said that this guy was an impostor. He was thick-skinned enough. It is estimated that those doctors who are fishing for fame can't cure your illness. The fake wood Ling leaned close to the wood Ling and said with a smile, "but I have a way." Mu Ling narrowed his eyes, really? "Oh.." Fake Wood Ling stood up with his hands behind his back and said, "If I can cure your illness, that's the real best doctor in the world, don't you think?" Mu Ling curled his lips and said to his heart, "You just blow it." "There's another place I'll show you." The fake wood Ling said to the people who leaned over curiously, "Do you think this brother Lin looks very healthy, and he doesn't look like he's seriously ill at all?" Everyone nodded curiously. In fact, even he himself doesn't know where the crux of Brother Lin's illness lies, but I do. With these words, the fake wood Ling reached out to pull the wood Ling over, slowly approached, and almost hugged the wood Ling into his arms. "" The crowd kept pumping cold air. What do you want? Mu Ling asked the fake Mu Ling leaning against his ear in a low voice, "What's the purpose?" The man smiled and said lightly, "I am the best doctor in the world." With that, he reached out and touched a place a little three inches behind Mu Ling's ribs. Mu Ling felt him touch his ribs and knew that this man was definitely not an ordinary person. Because he could not disperse the poisonous gas in his body, he pushed all the toxins to that place with internal force,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, forming a small black birthmark, so that the place could not be accompanied, and it was very painful to touch. penghuangbottle.com
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