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Darlene P
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Darlene P

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But these bloody events do not hinder the lives of most ordinary players. In their view, these are just a gossip entertainment to relieve everyone's boredom, or schadenfreude, or indignation, or lack of interest, do not affect their lives. And as the task qualification selection time is getting closer and closer, ordinary players have begun to turn their attention back to the task above, as for those blocking things are big groups of people to headache, in addition to some particularly curious people, ordinary players can not control and do not want to control. They care more about things that are linked to their own interests than those distant intrigues. Originally, everyone was wondering how the system would be arranged so that it would not be chaotic and crowded with so many people participating in the trials at the same time. The day before the qualification, the system announced the answer. As long as the players sign up, there is a rough wooden card in their personal space. Players with wooden cards will be automatically transported to the task level, that is, the copy map, when the time is up, as long as they rush to the major towns designated by the system before the start of the trial. As for what the copy map looks like, it is not known. It seems that there are too many players involved,Glucono Delta Lactone, and the five main cities can not be filled, so they can only be apportioned to other towns. I also received a notice from the system as early as a day ago, and on the day of the start of the qualifying competition, I asked Peach, who did not participate in the qualifying competition, to take me to the White Tiger City. I was bored and hid in a cabin under the name of Qingkong. I watched the task scene broadcast by the system with Peach,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, chatted with Peach by the way, or listened to Peach analyze and explain the situation of the qualifying competition to me. Because it seems that I have nothing to do in the first round, so although I still have to stay in the main city according to the regulations, I don't need to be on standby. As you can see right now, the first level of the qualifier is to teleport hundreds of players to the same dungeon, the minimap. "Hundreds of players a map, then how many copies of the system to prepare ah!" It seems that the system is really a big deal this time. There are no fewer than a few thousand copies of the map for this tryout alone. The peach said lightly, but I was secretly frightened to stick out my tongue. Thousands of maps, in terms of peach, the system is also prepared without any effort, very relaxed, it is too abnormal. In fact, the most important thing is not how many maps the system has prepared. I think the most troublesome thing for the system is that the terrain of each map should be different. Fortunately, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Sex Enhancement Powder, it can be copied directly from reality, otherwise the Queen of Heaven will have to rush to make maps recently. Peach is right, now in the system broadcast to see the map terrain is really strange, it is more than we have been to the forgotten land of the ever-changing terrain. Forests and rivers are the most featureless. Prairies and deserts are common. Although the Grand Canyon and the Great Falls are very imposing, they are also ordinary. Looking at the thousands of maps that can be said to show all the terrain and scenery in the world, I don't know which broadcast to watch. Dazzled. "Oh, my God, Weishui, are you really going to find them out one by one?" Seeing my big eyes almost sticking to the virtual screen, the peach patted her forehead and did not know whether to laugh or cry. I don't understand why peaches say, "Eh?"? Do you mean you don't need to find out? When you really find out, I guess the trials will be over long ago. If you don't think about how many people have signed up for the trials, and no one knows which map they will be assigned to before the competition, it's useless for you to go blind. "Why is the system still broadcasting?"? Just let the people who don't participate wait. "It's just for the sake of excitement.". Besides, the next few games also need to be broadcast, so it's normal to broadcast them from the first time. "Ah, there are still a few trials.". This SSS-level task has not emerged until now, so many trials first, whether he wants to select a master to participate in the task or want to find handsome men and beautiful women from it. I was dizzy when I heard that the task qualification trials didn't seem to be done once or twice.
No wonder I have to be an examiner as soon as I come up. It turns out that there are still opportunities behind me. All right, don't cry. The system is going to announce the clearance conditions. Listen quietly. Sure enough, the system has been synchronized on thousands of copies and broadcast screens, announcing the way to win or lose in the first round of the trials. In their respective maps, each player must collect the items designated by the system on this map to pass. The items designated by each map are different, and the designated items placed in the map can only ensure that about 30% of the participants pass successfully. Collection methods can be their own search, can also rob others, the means are not limited. After finding all, you can collect more again, or you can find a place to hide and win automatically when the specified time is up. But there is a first condition, that is, if it is a team player, it must be that everyone in the team does not need to hold the designated items, the whole team is the victory. So team players have to find three or two things, which is more difficult than solo players. But after all, there are fewer solo players to sign up, and most players choose to participate in teams, so it's not a big problem. It is quite advantageous to form a team at the beginning, but now the additional conditions of the system are not very good. As long as one person in the team does not get the designated item, all the members of the team will be eliminated, which makes the competition for the designated item more intense. It was supposed to eliminate 70% of the participants, but now when this rule comes down,Quillaja Saponin, even 30% of the participants may not be full in the end. With a pencil in my hand and writing and drawing on the paper at hand from time to time, the peach-loving cat expressed surprise after studying the rules of the system, I explained: "This proves that the system does not want so many people to crowd into this task." So I don't understand: "Then why did you set the qualification so low when you signed up?"? Just raise it directly. 。 pioneer-biotech.com
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