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Darlene P
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Darlene P

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"Shall I go to the class group?" Two minutes later, Zhou Dalei threw down the red and white machine and almost jumped up. Xie Yu: "How do you react?" "Surprised reaction," said Zhou Dalei, "I.. I really didn't think of it. Xie Yu wanted to go out directly, but the words that He Chao said in his ear last night have been ringing in his ears, talking about the class group and the school committee. So Xie Yu hesitated for a while and planned to leave a footprint before he left. He turned over the expression column and finally found a smiling face that looked more friendly. Then all the online students in Class 2 and 3 of Senior High School suddenly saw a chat box that was not in line with their young people's aesthetic, implicit and indifferent, and their eyes were full of sarcastic expressions. Xie Yu: [smiles]. [Wanda]:.. [Liu Cunhao]: [Luo Wenqiang]:.. The group immediately became cold. They are the only ones who face the elder brother without changing color. [He Zhao]: Good morning, Lao Xie. Have you eaten. Xie Yu's finger clicked twice on the screen, and before he could send it out, He Chao's phone came. He is a bit sleepy, pick up say: "Ate, what to do?" He Chao laughed and said, "I just want to listen to you." "Another standard answer?" “…… No, "He Chao thought the children might have some misunderstanding about him." Where are you? " "In the home where the self-criticism was written very well," Xie Yu looked at Zhou Dalei's bed like a doghouse. Although he was a little disgusted, he could not find another place to sleep, and said, ".. Is there anything else? No, I'll sleep for a while. ***, are you still sleeping? He Chao linked these two sentences and felt a little subtle: "Where do you sleep?" Xie Yu said: "Sleep in bed,Kava Root Extract, where else can I sleep?" "Oh," half ring, heard He Chao sullenly to the sentence, "my little friend to sleep in another man's bed." “……” You're crazy. Zhou Dalei was still sitting on the ground playing games, and Xie Yu suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, which originated from flirting with her boyfriend in front of her good brother for many years: "I'm dead." He Chao was just joking. He thought he could hear a few soft words, but he thought it was good if he didn't hear them. Anyway,Heme Iron Polypeptide, the children were all right: "Well, you go to sleep." He Chaogang hung up the phone, bit the sugar in his mouth, put his mobile phone aside, continued to look down at the test paper, and after reading the questions, the screen of his mobile phone lit up again. It's a text message. The cutest little friend from all over the world: other man's fart. A few simple words, the tone is not very good, as cold as ever. He Chao stared at it for a long time, and when he reacted, there was no idea of solving the problem in his mind. He just wanted to run a few laps on the playground and howl a few voices by the way. Fuck! Round it up! Confess! I'm alone! Xie Yu dropped the phone and sent a text message. He slept until noon. Finally, Zhou Dalei called him up: "Boss Xie, look at this time. The meal is almost over. Why hasn't Aunt Mei come back yet?"? I'm starving. At noon, the light outside was brighter, the sunshine came in from the balcony, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,L Methylfolate Factory, and the alleys were still very lively. I don't know which couple was quarreling, and it was heard clearly in half the street. Xie Yu sat up, looked outside, and saw an aunt on the opposite balcony listening and eating melon seeds, eating two very careless words of advice: ".." Why are you quarreling? You might as well have a fight. How long will you quarrel? “……” Xie Yu did not know if he was not sleeping well, or maybe he was disturbed. His right eyelid kept jumping. He raised his hand and gently pressed his eyelid: "You ask." Zhou Dalei called, but no one answered. After several calls, Xu Yanmei said hurriedly that she had something to do and asked them to go to the restaurant for a meal. When she came back in the evening, she hung up again. Said to have something to do, should be Guangmao there suddenly have work to do, "Zhou Dalei put his cell phone into his pants pocket, stood up and said," how, we two or not, go out to eat? " There are not many places to eat here, just a few Shaxian snacks, and the door is empty. Apart from those small stores that look like unlicensed businesses, only roadside stalls can be eaten.
"Lei Zai, I haven't seen you for a long time." The shopkeeper greeted you warmly when he saw the people he knew passing by. Zhou Dalei wanted to pick again, but they couldn't go in to eat. "Sit down, what to eat?" Zhou Dalei found a seat by the window, sat down and said, "Just two signboards." Xie Yu drew a pair of chopsticks: "acquaintances?" "I'm not familiar with it, but this shop can give me a 20% discount for the name of Lei Zai," Zhou Dalei said. This boss mobile phone game can not break through the pass, I help to pass. When Xie Yu hears the mobile phone game now, he can associate it with a little game of changing clothes. Zhou Dalei, who claims that as long as he dares to play games on the market, there is no game master he dares not play, and it is estimated that he has never dabbled in this field. As they chatted, the smell of cooking fumes wafted out of the window and the sound of liquefied petroleum gas igniting. After waiting for almost ten minutes, the boss brought out two portions of covered rice: "Two signboards, enjoy!" The boss came out to serve the meal and went to the back kitchen, where there were two young men with aprons. As soon as Xie Yu's hand touched the edge of the bowl, before he moved his chopsticks, the boss opened the back kitchen door and faintly heard the voices of the two men: "Guangmao?"? Hear about Yes Fight.. The two men were chatting when the kitchen door was suddenly pushed open, and then they saw the boy who had just sat at the window standing at the door, asking with a cold face, "What for?" The two men were stunned for a moment, and only when they reacted did they answer: "Ah, fight." Guangmao, there are people making trouble in Guangmao. A group of people may fight. As soon as Zhou Dalei ate two mouthfuls of rice, he was dragged out by the collar of the boss Xie, who looked a little irritable. After he went out of the shop, he was a little confused: "What are you doing?"? Is there shit in the meal? "What did Aunt Mei say to you just now?" Xie Yu didn't let go and asked, "What did she say?" Turn right again on this street,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and go straight for a short distance to Guangmao. Zhou Dalei also figured out something was wrong and recalled, "I have something to do temporarily, and I may come back later."? It's gone. 。 pioneer-biotech.com
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