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Darlene P
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Darlene P

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He kept muttering to himself, and his whole body condensed like the essence of the sword, and the whole person showed a kind of soaring sword that shook the world. With the arrival of the sword, the kendo between heaven and earth begins to awaken. All the sword tombs of Wan Jianfeng seemed to be alive. At this time, Wan Jiantian was reborn like a sword God, and his whole body was full of sword gas. It shocked all the disciples and elders of the Wan Jian Sect. At this time, even Chong Junchu and Li Xiao, who were immersed in enlightenment, were alarmed one after another. Chong Junchu is just some suddenly, some at a loss, because of enlightenment, everything before is temporarily forgotten. It was not until he saw Wan Jiantian again that he suddenly remembered that he should be reporting to Wan Jiantian about Li Xiao. Thinking of these things, recalling the previous feeling of breaking and then standing, Chong Junchu suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, secretly saying that this'way 'is terrible! Had he not been awakened by the shock, wouldn't he have selectively'broken 'afterwards! And once it is really broken, it is not sure whether it can be'broken and then established ', maybe it will die! Thinking of all this, Chong Junchu could not help grinning: "Li Xiao this guy, so fierce, a word almost destroyed me." But it would be even better to be my brother-in-law! I appreciate him more and more! …… At this time, Li Xiao sensed that Wan Jian Zong's Sword Tomb had revived the general Chongxiao Sword Qi, but his heart was still calm. This time, in fact, there is no injury,L Methylfolate Factory, so everything is an illusion, so there is no need for real healing. But the feeling of'breaking and then standing 'is real and direct, Li Xiao feels very thorough, which is equivalent to a very rare opportunity to realize the truth, and this opportunity, he naturally grasped. As for the process of understanding interrupted by Wan Jiantian, Li Xiao did not care, because the direction of understanding and so on already exist, he only needs to continue to understand in this respect,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, can really master this way. By now, Li Xiao has also understood that as long as these scattered Tao are presented, he will certainly be able to establish his own Tao in the future. As for today, because these ways do not belong to their own way, but also run through with emotion, scattered aspects are also in line with the laws of the world, so they will not be targeted by the "way of heaven", which makes Li Xiao feel like "drilling holes". At this time, after some understanding, Li Xiao continued to sum up his own cultivation and so on. After sorting out, Li Xiao began to take out all kinds of energy elixirs from several Qiankun rings that had been obtained by killing Zhao Yangxi, Ji Canglan and others in Tianji Zong, and sent them into energy swallowing to condense energy. Apart from the fact that the things in Zhao Yangxi's Gankun ring are quite good, there are not too many good things in the rest of Ji Canglan and Yuntianji's Gankun ring-of course, for others, it is naturally the wealth of "rich as a country", but for Li Xiao, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, it is just general. There are nearly ten thousand soul pills and thousands of top-grade spiritual crystals, as well as some spiritual armor weapons and some materials. Now, most of these are converted into energy, which is swallowed and melted by energy and transformed into energy to enhance the growth of one's own spirit and soul. Some of the elite elements of the spirit class weapon armor, naturally refined into the physical body, Li Xiao's physical body also followed before the collapse of today's concise and become more overbearing. And his realm, in the vision, the third kind of fighting body of fighting soul, also began to condense out, just a trace of fighting soul, but the energy needed to be consumed, like a bottomless pit, which makes Li Xiao feel as if it can never be filled in general, this is a helpless but terrible feeling. Xiaoguang, is it so difficult for this vision to condense? Li Xiao heart some speechless, this energy requirement, more than countless times beyond others, this has surpassed the same realm of others tens of thousands of times more than, so, too terrible! "Li Xiao, how do you compare the materials needed to build a model building with those needed to build a city?"? How do you compare the water in a cup with the water in a planet? These are all containers, the cup is, the planet is, but the capacity is different.
True genius, in fact, is to see whose body can accommodate all things better. Nearly four fields break five fields, but the body contains more energy. If you need less energy, then you should be vigilant. More energy is needed, which means that every time we move forward, we will be more powerful. As you know, it is relatively easy to break four and five in the low-level realm, but it is extremely difficult to break four and five in the high-level realm. If you don't need to consume much energy now, the following realm will be reduced from breaking five to breaking four, to breaking three, and so on. This is a sad thing. Xiaoguang explained carefully that in this respect, he had no concealment at all, and gave the most detailed analogy and explanation in an instant. In fact, I can understand this, but every time I break through in practice, I feel really uncomfortable, such as encountering a bottomless black hole, which can not be filled at all. "Well, in fact, this also shows that the derivation of Tao itself is very difficult for real geniuses, so it will cause many geniuses to be stuck in a certain realm and unable to move forward.". This congealing Dan to the realm of congealing soul is also a relatively big transformation, so there is no way to do it. Use all your resources. Xiao Guang passed on the message. That's the only way. Li Xiao sighed slightly, in addition to leaving five copies of various elixirs backup, the rest of the elixirs Lingjing and so on, all pushed into the black hole of energy swallowing. This is a pure accumulation of energy to condense the soul of the nine fighting bodies. There is no way to do this. Countless accumulations are always consumed. Now when they are consumed, they are also consumed. Energy swallows and absorbs infinite energy, which makes Li Xiao's body begin to expand. At this time, Li Xiao, according to his own experience of fighting body, constantly melts all kinds of energy of his own, and condenses a trace of alien energy in the body's Dantian. Under his efforts to mobilize,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, some of the dormant energy, gradually touched, began to show a trace of special breath. pioneer-biotech.com
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