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Then look at the clouds sitting there, even after years of hard life, her face is still white and pure, her long hair is still black and shiny, her graceful body sits straight, shyly purses her lips and smiles, and her gentle eyes are simply intoxicating. For so many years, why do the neighbors in the old building, especially the women, hate Yunxia so much? Just because she always looks younger face, no matter how much suffering, are still pure temperament! Why is everyone else getting fat and old, but she is young for more than ten years? Why did everyone else become an aunt with a yellow face, but only she was the pure beauty when she just got married? Wang Fenli knew what those men thought, because Luo Mingcheng, they did not dare to lay hands on Yunxia, but they could not get it, even if they watched her being spoiled and beaten, it would be better than falling into the hands of others. And women, when Yunxia is really killed, they will set off firecrackers! I really think they don't know who the men in the family are thinking about every day! Wang Fenli stopped, her expression changed several times,faux ficus tree, and suddenly turned away. When she left the brand store, she began to call her neighbors, publicizing that Yunxia had become a mistress for the big boss, and now she had a lot of money. She did not believe that these words could not reach the ears of Luo Mingcheng's parents, when the time came. Wang Fenli sneered, and she wanted to see if Yunxia could still laugh! The three Yunxiao people on this side knew nothing about it. The shop assistants were so enthusiastic that they didn't notice that Wang Fenli was just standing outside the two shoe cabinets. After buying the shoes, Su Su and Yunxiao took Yunxia to buy matching accessories, a full set of cosmetics,silk ficus tree, a new hairstyle, and went to a carefully selected beauty shop to get a membership card, which finally went to the private restaurant to eat and rest. At this time the night has been dark, at the dinner table, Su Su is still teaching Yunxia how to dress up at ordinary times, and in the imperial capital, the long family is holding a birthday party for the second son Chang Fusheng. The banquet was held in Chang's own hotel. The resplendent banquet hall was elegantly decorated, and the waiters who came and went were dressed in suits, carrying drinks and shuttling through the crowd. At the entrance of the hotel, the red carpet was spread from the lobby to the bottom of the steps. A celebrity rich man, a big bowl in the entertainment circle, a famous director in China, and a popular Xiaosheng Xiaohua, got out of a luxury car and entered the hotel in a dress. Not far from the gate, row after row of reporters who had come to squat early in the afternoon kept taking pictures for fear that they would miss any celebrities. The whole banquet was lively and grand, silk cherry blossom tree ,outdoor ficus tree, and the stars were shining, which was no less than the scene of the most influential Dingguo Film Golden Tiger Awards in China. In the banquet hall, Chang Fusheng, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was surrounded by people. Everyone smiled and congratulated him and gave him gifts. His brother, Chang Fu'an, stood aside to help him receive the guests and greet them. The two brothers sat and stood, equally handsome and extraordinary, but Chang Fusheng was more handsome, coupled with his pale face, obviously in a busy city but seemed to live alone in the mountains of the quiet temperament, so that he looked a little cold and inhuman. The elder brother Chang Fu'an is more refined, appears gentle and elegant, looks like the elegant family childe. When Qu Miaomiao arrived with his brother Qu Xiuming, Wu Taiqing, a famous director in China, was talking to Chang Fusheng. As soon as Qu Miaomiao's eyes lit up, he immediately left his brother and walked quickly over. When the time came, Qu Miaomiao was about to open his mouth when he heard Chang Fusheng strongly recommending it: ".." "Doomsday" is very much in line with your hobby of selecting materials. Since Director Wu is short of scripts recently, he might as well go and have a look. Qu Miaomiao immediately showed a smile. She couldn't wait to answer: "Brother Fu Sheng is right. Director Wu, Doomsday is really a good novel. Didn't you say in an interview that you wanted to make a science fiction film reflecting human nature?"? This theme is totally OK! Before the plot of "Doomsday" was besieged by zombies, the opposition and cooperation between the powers and ordinary people, the unequal status and mutual needs between men and women, the fearlessness of sacrifice and guardianship between the elderly and children, and so on, the human side was written incisively and vividly, which made many readers cry, and the long reviews in the book review area were one after another. Let the fame of "The End of the World" climb to a new peak.
Wu Taiqing, however, did not expect that he would just come to a birthday party and be pestered by the host of the party and the eldest lady of the Qu family, recommending novels to him over and over again. For a moment, he didn't know whether he was at the party or in the company. In desperation, Wu Taiqing had to agree. But don't want to, he just answered: "I go back to see." Chang Fusheng waved his hand, and the life assistant behind him immediately delivered the bound "Doomsday" to him. Wu Taiqing:.. He saw the host who forced his guests to read the novel today. :) The author has something to say: Tomorrow will be officially into the V, the same day at 9 pm drop ten thousand words update, really very grateful to the little cuties who have been supporting! Love you! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~ Recommend your own pre-received article: "Game Gold Coins Come True" In the face of unaffordable housing prices, unaffordable cars, unaffordable Huabei, looking at the game in your mobile phone, have you ever thought that if only the gold coins in the game were real. Then you can instantly own tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of assets and become a rich man! Jingxiao had thought so, but she just thought about it, but she didn't think that God had given her a big surprise. System: May your dreams come true! From today, your game gold will be doubled every night in the early hours of the morning! Jing Xiao is overjoyed and doubles every day, that's not to say. She's the richest man in the world?! In ten minutes. Jing Xiao looked at the peerless handsome man in the mirror and said, "Come out!"! Who is the handsome guy in the mirror? System: Given your male game character.. Jing Xiao is indignant: I chose the male role because he is handsome! It's not that I want to be a man! System: Drop, release the ultimate task-how to become a happy richest man in the world. When the mission is complete, you will become a woman again. At the registration office of the relevant department, the female Registrar blushed and said,large artificial blossom trees, "Please tell me the type of your superpowers.". Jingxiao: Rich, super rich, the richest in the world. Registrarwoman:.. hacartificialtree.com
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