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[World] Ye Lanyuehua:.. You don't seem to need it. [World] Chu Xiaolan: It's all right. I can sell it. I'm poor. Lack of money to spend. [World] Lone: Ah, girl, you took the beads and sold them to me! I'll take care of you! [World] Wolf body and sheep heart: I really have a disease. [World] Lone:.. Dead Wolf. [World] Chu Xiaolan: Dear, give it to me, give it to me. Let me know that the world is still fair. You see, we are two childhood sweethearts, and we have no guess. What you have is mine, and what I have is mine. How can you not give it to me? [World] Ye Lanyuehua:.. [World] Xiaoqingmei: Chu Xiaolan, brother Yuehua has said that Zizhu gave it to me. Nine days of beautyberry for the stream pull, it doesn't matter. The reason for asking Ye Lanyuehua is very simple, but he is not used to seeing Ye Lanyuehua's proud appearance. Since Zizhu Xiaoqingmei wanted it first, Chu Xiaowan wanted to forget it, but the next sentence of Xiaoqingmei was not shocking. [World] Xiaoqingmei: Chu Xiaolan, just ask others for equipment all day long. Why do you always like to rob others' things? [World] Little Green Plum: Brother Ye Lanyuehua,facial recognition thermometer, tell me, who do you give the beautyberry to?! Who is more important in your heart! [World] Chu Xiaolan: Really? 0. Someone more important than the heart? This guy is not clear about his relationship with Ye Lanyuehua's kindergarten classmates. Although she was sometimes a little negative in her daily life, Ye Yue was definitely on her side. What's more, her own number level equipment is not very good, the main reason is that she often,face recognition identification kiosk, always playing with Ye Yue's number. And when she was playing Ye Yue's number, she always saw Xiao Qingmei whine over there, and occasionally she would always chat with Ye Yue privately, talking and praising herself over there, which always made people feel too flattering. And it happened that one day, she was bored, with Ye Lanyuehua's number, very politely back to her once, but did not think of her self-sentimental, thinking that Ye Lanyuehua's mind finally had her. Even though Ye Yue has countless lovers and concubines in the game, interactive whiteboard prices ,information kiosk price, Xi is sure that Ye Yue absolutely does not like the type of small green plum. Today, Xi was on the verge of an outbreak of unhappiness, and her anger could not be completely removed just by killing some small hoodlums, and this time, Xiao Qingmei just hit her gun head. Xi La immediately deleted the phrase "forget it". [Private Chat] You said to Ye Lanyuehua: Ye Yue, give me the beautyberry. [Private Chat] You said to Ye Lanyuehua: I am not happy to fight for this tone. [Private Chat] You said to Ye Lanyuehua: Right now, right now. Or I will tell my brother that you will come to S city during the National Day holiday. [World] Ye Lanyuehua: Top of Mount Tai. The stream is complete. [World] Xiaoqingmei: Chu Xiaolan, you can't be too shameless. Ye Lanyuehua did not respond. [World] Xiaoqingmei: Brother Yuehua, don't be cheated by the shemale … Some people say that there is a group chat voice, Chu Xiaolian is a male voice! In the early days, Xi La always relied on someone's number, which made Ye Yue very depressed, so he simply helped Xi La to get the level equipment up, and then recaptured the sovereignty of Yuehua. Only once, under the banner of "not myself", he ordered the Boss to fight, because when others said that the voice was typical, he never clarified that he was Ye Lanyuehua, and he didn't want to be remembered. And then something happened. [World] Silence: Isn't that "not me"? [World] The Tail Without a Tail: Tile, is that ecstatic little voice … [World] Help the girl to wear the world: Really, really, did you record it? [World] Lonely Man: Is My Classmate a Man? [World] Wolf Body and Sheep Heart: Do you want to be a man? [World] Lone: *** you The following words create a silent screen for the system. Fujoshi: "… …" "The world" helps the female to wear the world: Is really more mouth JQ. Stream pull in the computer is very calm to turn over, and then plug in the stereo plug to open a certain audio when very evil to laugh. [World] Chu Xiaolan: Who wants to be sung by you? Out of print Two Tigers.. [World] Ye Lanyuehua: I rely on you to send? The world is silent again and boiling again.
Everyone thought tacitly that Ye was the one who accepted the emperor. But Ye Xiaoshou felt as if he had exposed his identity at this time, so he said: [World] Ye Lanyuehua:.. I mean, when you don't have the permission to attack, how can you expose the sound of my family? The topic of the world has completely changed. [Private Chat] You said to Ye Lanyuehua: I wanted to send my mother's baby version of my brother's voice recorded when she was a child to fill it up. Why did you suddenly come out? Why do you say my brother is your victim? What if I told my brother that you defined your relationship so eloquently? [Private Chat] Ye Lanyuehua: You don't make it clear. Almost immediately.. Ye Yue shook his chrysanthemum and attached it obsequiously. "Private Chat" Ye Lanyuehua: Your brother? "Private Chat" Ye Lanyuehua: I want, I want, I want … … "Private Chat" Chu Xiaolu: I'm sorry, I deleted it by mistake. "Private Chat" Ye Lanyuehua: … … "Private Chat" Ye Lanyuehua: People like you are doomed to have a good end. "The world" helps the girl to wear the world: From this point of view, brother Yuehua is either Gay or a rotten man … "The World" Tails Without a Tail: To Be Gay Is to Be Accepted … … "Private Chat" Ye Lanyuehua: Why are there more and more messy people in the twilight? Damn it! "The world" Chu Xiao-lan: So, the so-called little green plum, like a person is not a good end … … Especially those who are skittish when they are sticky. What's more,digital signage kiosk, do you like money or people? "The world" Chu Xiaolu: Woman, you should be reserved! Xi La was so powerful that he dropped a sentence and ran to the top of Mount Tai. And then, hit the street. hsdtouch.com
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