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In front of the two brothers, they both stood and looked out, but they saw the countryside all around. Only on the right side, there was a large mud flat. There were two tall banyan trees on the side of the mud flat, and there were more than a dozen brick and mud houses under the trees. Strangely, it was so quiet all around. Was it an abandoned village? Nope! Apparently, not long ago, a few days ago, this place was inhabited. Yes, there must have been natural and man-made disasters in this place, and the villagers died or escaped in this incident. The two men gazed with bewilderment, wonder, and wonder at the silence of the Grange. For a long time, there is no change in the current situation because of the time. On the contrary, because of the doubts in their hearts, they virtually added a spooky terror that they had never had before. Suddenly, a long hissing sound, like a dragon singing and a tiger roaring, pierced the abnormal silence, and a blood-red shadow, as fast as lightning, flashed away from the left end of the forest. Both of them are above the civil and military training, hear the sound and distinguish the shadow, then know that the hiss is issued by the red shadow, although only for a short moment, it has been determined that the hiss red shadow is a horse in the world, unprecedented rare good horse, two people's body volley, do not let the precious time disappear in vain, just like in that moment,digital signage screen, enough to change everything important, forget that more than a dozen asked mud bricks and grass. And the silence of the countryside, more forget everything, absorbed in the light of a glance on the red shadow, in an instant, both disappeared in the left side of the forest. Do you know that there is no one who has two mud-brick thatched cottages? Nope! They were closing the door tightly and hiding in the room to pray for the Buddha, hoping that the boundless power of Buddhism would take away for them the commotion just after the roaring of the tiger and the singing of the dragon, which was the disaster brought by Bai Bin and Gan Kun Xiutu Du Yongguang, who thought that there was no horse in the world, trampling on people,temperature screening kiosk, biting people, killing livestock, all these things that could not be dealt with.. It turned out that this place was cultivated by the owners of more than a dozen mud bricks and grass, and lived a comfortable and quiet life. Six days ago, perhaps God deliberately made their life quiet and light, interspersed with a little sudden interest, changed their environment, or deliberately tested them, and brought them a moderate disaster. It was a quiet night. It was six nights ago. They "work at sunrise and rest at sunset." The ancient legend of the promise, the first more just, then into bed to rest, in order to restore the hard work of the day. Of course, the moon, which has just passed the Mid-Autumn Festival, is unusually bright. However, on this night, it is always abnormal and does not appear to be as brilliant as it used to be. If people were all able to predict the future, they would have felt that this was an ominous omen and that an unfortunate disaster would occur in a certain corner of the universe. At this moment, the people in this place are enjoying a sweet dream. A long hiss like a dragon's song resounds through this silent place. With the dying cry of chickens and ducks, the cattle are frightened away. But they did not wake up, and the sudden disaster went with them. The night passed in this way, temperature scanning kiosks ,face recognition identification, and when they woke up, they were frightened by the unprecedented looting. They did not know what monster had come to attack part of their property. Would it come again? On the second night, the moon in the sky, as if they had predicted it, did not need to give them any more omens, and resumed its original brilliance. The long hiss, like the roar of a dragon and a tiger, began to ring again, and this time they did not go in search of their dreams. They thought that this was the prelude to the coming catastrophe, and the young and powerful men, in order to protect their wealth, opened their doors and walked out one after another, trying to get rid of the pests that were about to take away their wealth again. But see dissolve clear light, a group of red shadow like fire, gradually gallop, eyes everywhere, it is a blood-red handsome horse. The horse, regardless of the presence of a tiger, was about to beat it to death when it made a move, but it rushed straight at the chicken and duck cage regardless of the situation. As soon as it raised its front hoof, it broke the cage, and as soon as the horse's mouth reached out, it ate the chicken and duck. They had seen this scene before, but they were stunned, and for a moment they forgot why they were guarding it. But, in an instant, he woke up again and shouted, "Fight!" More than a dozen young strong desert, each raised a stick to hit the red horse.
As soon as this hit, the horse was like a man who knew martial arts. It dodged the stick that was about to come and raised its four hooves. In an instant, it created a terrible situation. Of the dozen or so people who had been hit by the stick, five were killed and five were injured. Only two of them saw that the situation was not good, fled in confusion and hid in the house. The horse, however, unhurriedly ate a good meal and calmly fled to the woods on the left. Terrible tragedy, so that they dare to try again, as the horse seems to eat the marrow to know the taste, unexpectedly day and night, want to come, straight to the people of this area, so surprised that they dare not step out of the door wall. Today, they had no choice but to pray to God and pray to the Buddha. Just then they hissed again, but somehow there was no movement. The enemy God Buddha appeared and stopped the looters, otherwise how could it not come? A bold man looks out through a crack in the window. What does it look like? Then he opened the door and came out, with a lingering fear in his heart. He took advantage of the scenery and walked quietly in the corner of the house, so that he could quickly hide when he met the police. However, in the forest on the left, a battle of horses and horses was going on at the moment. It was not until Neibin used his innate "Xuanyou Zen Skill" and Du Yongguang, a scholar of Qiankun, used his innate "Yin Sha Qigong" that he began to subdue the red horse with the strength of two innate True Qi. Both of them rode on horseback and ran out of the forest. But I saw two figures floating on a raging fire. The adventurer who slipped out of the house quietly suddenly saw that the horse was not running and jumping like before, and even more strange, why there were two more white shadows immediately? A kind of curiosity, so that they increased a courage, attention to stand out, even hiding in the room, can not help but pick out the head. In a flash, the red shadow, carrying the white spot, ran to the two giant banyan trees and stopped. It was Bai Bin and Du Yongguang, two handsome young men in white. All the people in Tamura saw that the two of them were born to be rich and elegant, and that they had practiced a unique demeanor of innate True Qi. They mistook them for heavenly soldiers who had fallen from the sky and had come for the magic horse in their minds. In an instant, they knelt down and worshipped, and some even read out the words of thanks to God. As a result, Bai Bin and Du Yongguang,interactive kiosk price, the scholar of Qian Kun, were enlightened. Knowing the origin of the silence they had just seen, they could not help smiling at the people kneeling down. hsdtouch.com
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