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I decided to knock on Mrs. Xi's door. I wanted to live with her, because I knew her, she was not a stranger, and I had been to her house before, when there was a power outage in the row of houses on our street. I'm sure she won't tell me to go away this time. I can tell her who killed Wellington. Then she'll understand that I'm her friend, and she'll understand why I can't live with my father anymore. I took the candy bar, the pink waffle cookies, and the last box of fresh orange juice from the box and put them in my pocket. I hid the box under the fertilizer bag. Then I picked up Toby's cage and my other coat and climbed out from behind the hut. I walked through the garden, past the side of the house, unbolted the little garden door, and went out. There was no one in the street. I crossed the street to Mrs. Xi's house. After knocking on the door, I waited for a while, thinking about what I would say when she opened the door later. But she didn't answer the door. I'll keep knocking. I turned around and saw someone coming down the street. I was scared because I recognized that the two people were the drug addicts who lived next door to me. So I grabbed Toby's cage, went around to the back of Mrs. Xi's house, and sat down by the trash can so they couldn't see me. I have to think about what to do next. I thought about all the things I could do, and then I deduced whether they were right or not. I decided I couldn't go home. I decided I couldn't go and live with Sharon because she couldn't take care of me after the school holidays. She was just a teacher, not a friend,White Marble Mosaic, not my family. I also decided that I couldn't live with Uncle Terry because he lived in Sunderland and I didn't know how to get to Sunderland. Besides, I don't like Uncle Terry because he likes smoking and touching my hair. I decided that I couldn't live with Asia-Pacific. Although she had a dog, she was neither my friend nor my family. And I can't spend the night at her house or use her toilet because she used it and she's a stranger. Then it occurred to me that I could go and live with my mother because she was my family and I knew where she lived. I remembered that her address was 451 Charter Road, Block C, 5ng, London. The only problem was that she lived in London and I had never been to London. I have only been to Dover,Silver Travertine Slabs, from which I transferred to France. I also went to Sunderland to visit Uncle Terry, and to Manchester to visit Aunt Ruth, who had cancer, but when I visited her, she didn't have cancer. I have never been to any place other than the small shop at the intersection alone, and now it is really frightening to think that I have to go far away alone. I wanted to go home again, or stay where I was, or hide in the garden every night until my father found me. These thoughts made me more frightened, and the sad feeling of last night came back to me again. I know that no matter what I do, I won't feel safe. I drew this diagram in my mind: Then I imagine crossing out all the possibilities one by one, just like doing a math test. I go through all the questions one by one, and then decide which answers to choose and which not to choose. After crossing out the answers not to choose, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Marble Granite Price, the rest is the final answer, and then you can't make any changes. So my decision now is this: In other words, I have to go to London to live with my mother. I can go to London by train, because I have learned everything about trains from the toy train set, how to read the train timetable, how to buy tickets at the railway station, how to check the departure time to see if the train is on time, and how to find the right platform to get on and so on. I'm getting on the train from Swenden station, where Holmes and Dr. Watson stopped for dinner on their way from Paddington to Ross in the book The Secret Case of the Boshcombe Valley. Then across the lane from where I was sitting, I saw a round old pot lid standing against the wall next to Mrs. Xi's house, covered with rust, which looked like the surface of a planet, and the shape of rust was like a map of countries, continents and islands. It occurred to me that it would probably be impossible for me to become an astronaut in my life, because to be an astronaut, I would have to leave home and go to space hundreds of thousands of miles away. Now my home is in London, about 100 miles away, which is naturally more than a thousand times shorter than space. It breaks my heart to think about it.
I once fell on the grass beside the playground and cut my knee by a glass fragment left by someone who broke a bottle. Mrs. Dai disinfected me with disinfectant and removed the sand. The wound was so painful that I couldn't help crying. But now the wound is in my mind, and I can't help but feel sad to think that I will never be an astronaut. Then it occurred to me that I wanted to learn from Sherlock Holmes, to be able to have a detached view at will, so that I would not be bitter about the scars in my brain. Then it occurred to me that I would need some money if I were to go to London. I also needed some food because it was a long trip and I didn't know where I could get food halfway. It also occurred to me that someone would have to take care of Toby for me while I was in London because I couldn't travel with him. So I made a plan, which made me feel better, because I had a sequence and a graph in my head, and I just had to follow the plan. I stood up and saw that there was no one in the street. Then I went to the Asia-Pacific House next door and knocked on the door. Mrs. Asia Pacific came out to open the door. She said, "Christopher, what's the matter with you?" I said, "Can you take care of Toby for me?" She said, "Who's Toby?" I said, "Toby is my pet rat." The Asia-Pacific wife said, "Oh.." Oh, yeah, I remember. You told me. I held up Toby's cage and said, "This is it." Asia-Pacific takes a step back. I said, "He eats special mouse feed, which you can buy at the pet store, but he can also eat biscuits and carrots and bread and chicken bones, but you can't feed him chocolate, because chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine,pietra gray marble, which contains hydroxypurine, and too much of it can produce toxins in the body.". Its bottles also need to be replaced with clean drinking water every day. It is not afraid of strangers because it is an animal. He likes to leave the cage, but it's okay if you don't want him to come out. 。 forustone.com
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