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Nan Yan and Bei Yan stood upright in the courtyard. Wang Ye had been "indulging" those spies all the time. Tonight, I don't know what happened. He said in a low voice, "Give those people to the king to clean up!" Red Nine is rubbing its hands. That's great. You can fight again. Yes! Wang Ye! They immediately received orders. At this time, a curved sickle moon hung in the sky, and the moonlight was particularly cold in the cold December. Various spies were pacing at the entrance of the alley outside the palace of the Prince of Jin when a red figure suddenly flashed by. Spies: "…" Before the crowd could react, a cry of surprise came: "Ah-" At this moment, red 9 caught the man that two sell sesame seed cake, beat to death directly: "Sell sesame seed cake!"! I asked you to buy sesame cakes! What kind of pancakes are sold in the middle of the night?! The spy with a basket of sesame seed cakes on his shoulders is very aggrieved. He has been selling sesame seed cakes conscientiously all these years. How can he be exposed? The people of the Prince of Jin are too cruel! Hong Jiu was very satisfied. He cleaned up the people who sold sesame seed cakes and went to deal with the people who sold plasters. He was so frightened that the fortune-telling spies even ignored the stalls and ran away. South Yan and North Yan with people on both sides of the alley. The secret guards of the Prince of Jin also went out and beat up the spies, then tied them up and dragged them into the palace dungeon. Nan Yan soon went to reply: "Wang Ye, the spies outside have been cleaned up!" So soon? Zhao Che is still restless, even after dealing with the spies sent by various forces, but the mood is still very uncomfortable. The heart seems to ignite a small flame, and that string of flames as time goes on, gradually burning into a raging fire, unstoppable. At night,Interactive digital signage, Zhao Che couldn't sleep. Before he met Yu Tang, he could barely endure it. Now he has tasted the warm fragrance of nephrite and the recovery of his old illness. He can't sleep with Miss Tang in his arms. For His Highness the King of Jin, every moment is a torment. After tasting the delicacies, he could no longer be an ascetic monk. Zhao Che simply held a brocade soft pillow in his arms. However, even the most luxurious brocade in the world is not as comfortable as holding Miss Tang. Somebody! Bring the water! In the dead of night, the king of Jin suddenly heard a low drink in his bedroom. The dark guard outside the door looked at each other,touch screen digital signage, Wang Ye had soaked in hot springs tonight, but this time he wanted water. Dark guard by virtue of the exquisite sense of duty, quickly made a clear decision, not a moment to carry two buckets of cold water on Zhao Che's bedroom outside. Without Zhao Che's permission, no one is allowed to set foot in his house. The door opened and Zhao Che took the water himself. After a while, the King of Jin called for water again. Dark guard: "..." If Wang Ye goes on like this, it will hurt his health! The author has something to say: Dark Guard: Wang Ye can't go on like this! Kui Lao: Wang Ye, pay attention to your health! Red Nine: Hmm? What's wrong with Wang Ye? Nan Yan, Bei Yan: _ —————— Good morning, girls. Today's first watch is presented. See you at six o'clock in the evening. Thank you for your support and messages. Chapter 46 The moonlight outside is like practice. The cold moonlight shone in through the window. Zhao Che, wearing only a snow-colored coat, outdoor digital signage displays ,thermal imaging camera, lay on his bed, staring at the dust on his head, head disease and the noise of a man somewhere, which made it difficult for him to sleep. Before I knew Yu Tang, I had long been accustomed to such a torturous night. After meeting Yu Tang, everything is different. Zhao Che never wronged himself. The "antidote" he needs will not hesitate to take it by force. I do not know how long, there was a slight sound of footsteps outside the door. It was Bei Yan who stood outside the door. He lowered his voice and said, "Wang Ye, my subordinates have something to report." Jin Wang Fu in addition to the dark guard, only a few people north Yan, therefore, Zhao Che repeatedly called the water at night, he is naturally aware of. As the only slightly normal man in the whole Jin Wangfu, Bei Yan deeply understood Zhao Che's behavior tonight. He also knew that with Zhao Che's "vigorous spirit", he must be awake at the moment. A moment later, a man's deep voice came from the room: "Come in." North Yan exhaled foul breath, he actually did not want to go into Zhao Che's bedroom. The door was pushed open, and Bei Yan closed the door. He looked at his nose and heart. Fortunately, he did not see anything that he should not have seen, nor did he notice anything that he should not have noticed.
At this time, Zhao Che sat at the table and poured tea. At this time, the tea is already cold. Bei Yan saw that Zhao Che directly poured two cups on his back. He only took one look at the handsome face of his own prince, who was seriously/desirous/dissatisfied. He immediately looked away and said solemnly, "Wang Ye, your subordinates already know the insider who was kidnapped by the imperial concubine. Does Wang Ye want to see him now?" Shufei Empress was the first beauty of Daliang and the apple of Guidehou Mansion's eye. When she was young, she attracted countless young talents to bow down. What's more, she became a monk for her tonsure. Even the Northern Yan emperors were once depressed and unwilling to return home for the sake of beauty. About Ming Shuyao's old past, even the words book can not write such twists and turns. As soon as Bei Yan's voice fell, Zhao Che had already got up. There was no maid waiting beside him. He went to the side of the screen and took a dress to put on. Bei Yan did not understand why his own prince was suddenly so interested in the imperial concubine. Isn't it Miss Tang who is pleased by Wang Ye's heart? Shu imperial concubine empress is Yan emperor's favorite imperial concubine after all, if own Wang Ye must. It's a mess of seniority. Bei Yan is thinking a hundred turns, Zhao Che a look shot over: "Who else knows about this?" Bei Yan came to his senses and looked even more serious: "Back to Wang Ye, except for Gui De Hou Fu, all the people who must have known about this are no longer in the world." Zhao Che narrowed his eyes, and a different color flashed in his eyes. Ming Shuyao was once engaged to Yu Changdong. They were childhood sweethearts and fell in love with each other. However, the good times did not last long, and General Yu's office soon proposed to break off the marriage. Rumor has it that it was because Emperor Yan was concerned about Ming Shuyao that he forced Yu Changdong to break off his marriage. However,digital whiteboard price, this is only a rumor. In the palace dungeon, the dark guard saw Zhao Che come over, all quietly retired. hsdtouch.com
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