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She waited for people to retreat, waiting for Xiao Buyi to show his true face, but she never thought that the person who wanted to scare off was still quiet, not afraid of death, and the person she had been looking forward to showing her face, there were tears in the corner of her eyes. Her shock at that moment, can be said to be unprecedented, she just thought at that moment, maybe. The people of the Central Plains are not all perfidious and afraid of death. It is not difficult to die, but it is extremely difficult to know whether to die or not. When Shi Danai saw that Yunshui was silent, he thought she was angry. "Girl," he said, "now you have medicine. Don't you dare to do it? You're going to die. There's no need to rush. Yunshui slowly untied the silver collar. Her collar was so delicate and luxurious that no one could imagine that she would reach out and twist it. A silver needle has been withdrawn from the collar. Turning his eyes, Yunshui asked with a smile, "One medicine guide is enough.". I don't know which one of you wants to be? Shi Danai was about to come forward, but Qin Shubao grabbed Shi Danai and said, "Da Nai, you can give up anything else, but not this one!" "Why?" Shi Danai frowned and said, "Brother Qin, I.." "You were right," said Qin Shubao with a smile. Brother Xiao has more things to do, and you also have things to do. Sometimes, a lot of things, really need to do their own, I can not help you. Qin has nothing to worry about. He is already heartless and desireless. These seven emotions can't help me. "Don't be too arrogant." Yunshui said lightly, "I think your face is gloomy. It's obviously too sad, and it's far more than ordinary people. If I stick this needle down, you will suffer far more than ordinary people." Xiao Buyi didn't expect Yunshui to be able to see Qin Shubao's sadness at a glance, and he was even more worried, knowing that she was not a threat. But Qin Shubao said to Shi Danai with a smile, "That's right, Brother Shi.". My business is simpler.. I don't have any worries. Think of me as a brother. Don't argue with me. Things come first, don't they? He originally wanted to ask Shi Danai to help his mother worship on New Year's Day. Can think rather show weakness, second, Xiao Buyi will not forget, why bother to say at this time. Shi Danai gritted his teeth and said, "Good." He did not want to say more, just because he knew that there was no need to say more at this time. It was not easy to die and detoxify, but it was obvious that there were more important things to do to survive. Slowly rolling up his sleeves, Qin Shubao said calmly, "Princess, please." The cloud water face finally reveals the silk respect, the Miao people also respect the hero, such man, lets her already cannot bear to laugh at. Only in a short period of time, her impression of Xiao Buyi and others has been greatly improved. Bring a basin of water and three bowls. Cloud water ordered. Shi Danai quickly brought what Yunshui needed, smart whiteboard price , and Yunshui had taken out at least a dozen silver needles from the collar and arranged them side by side. Xiao Buyi frowned to himself, saying to himself that he had just sat in front of the hedgehog, and that it was a fluke that she had not needled him. The princess is strange, but more horrible than ordinary people. Yunshui, holding a silver needle in his hand, glanced at Qin Shubao again, flicked his fingers, and several strands of powder were already in the bowl. Qin and Shi wondered where she got the powder when they saw her pointing like a spring onion and her fingernails were pointed. Although Xiao Buyi looked lazy, he had noticed that Yunshui had reached out to pass over his belt, but covered it with his sleeve. Although I couldn't see it clearly, I guessed that she mostly hid the medicine in her belt. This princess, a bewitching poison, is really chilling. After Yunshui put the medicine on a bowl, he took out a drop of blood from Ah Rust's wrist, dropped the blood into the medicine bowl, and then mixed it with several drops of water. When they saw the clear water in the bowl, the color changed three times. Although the cloud water was calm, they knew that it was mostly the seven emotions, which were awe-inspiring. When the color of the clear water no longer changed, the cloud water changed a silver needle and inhaled all the liquid in the bowl. Then he smiled and said, "Have you thought about it?" Qin Shubao nodded and said, "Please." He spoke succinctly, but very firmly, Yunshui smiled, and a needle had pierced Qin Shubao's arm. Qin Shubao, however, did not move. When all the seven emotions entered Qin Shubao's body and Yunshui pulled out the needle, Yingying said with a smile, "It will take two hours.".
” She said plain, everyone is also calm, but Xiao Buyi, Shi Danai all looked at Qin Shubao's expression with concern, Qin Shubao smiled, "sitting for two hours is also boring.." "We'll be bored, but you won't." Yunshui smiled and said, "You will only feel that time is too long." The muscles on Qin Shubao's face suddenly twitched and he said with a smile, "Actually.." I always feel that the days are long. Cloud and water do not understand its meaning, but secretly admire. She knew that the seven emotions had played a role at this time, Qin Shubao actually did not change color, is really a man made of iron. Turning to Xiao Buyi, he said, "It's boring anyway. Why don't you tell me another story?" Xiao Buyi did not know whether to laugh or cry. Just as he was about to refuse, he suddenly thought of something and said with a smile, "That's all right. I'm afraid the princess doesn't like it." "I have nothing to like." "It's a story," said Yunshui with a smile. "Why take it too seriously?" "That's what the princess said." Xiao Buyi said with a smile, "Then I'll tell you. Once upon a time there lived a group of simple people led by a big Miao king.". He has always been well-fed and well-clothed. But because the place they are in is very simple. There are people in other places who want to attack them. "This story seems to have happened around us," said Yunshui Yingying. Xiao Buyi smiled, "because we want to fight for the world.". So the competition for this place is inevitable. There was a group of people who were under the King of the Western Liang Dynasty and only wanted to form an alliance with the King of the Miao Dynasty. They thought that if they could form an alliance, they only needed to make sure that they did not use swords, so they sent several envoys to persuade them. But another group of people called Li Tang, they are not as simple as the king of the Western Liang Dynasty thought. Yunshui frowned. What are they thinking? "Not only do they want to fight with swords," said Xiao Buyi in awe, "but they also want to use this piece of land as a place to station troops and make a big fight." Yunshui said lightly, "All people can only say that they are good. So the King of the Western Liang Dynasty is no exception." It's just a story. Why take it seriously? Xiao Buyi laughed. He laughed like a silver bell. "That's right. What happened later?" 。 hsdtouch.com
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