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He Yan raised her eyes to look at him. She couldn't help smiling and said, "Just go there once in a while. How can you always bully people?" She was his nemesis and made him laugh with a single word. He raised his lips, looked at her with a light smile, and asked, "You have to find something to do. You can't stay at home all the time." He Yan raised her eyebrows lightly and seemed a little surprised. "Can I go out at will?" She asked him. That's too direct a question. Fu Shenxing was so embarrassed that he pulled his lips and answered her, "I didn't want to treat you as a prisoner." Then, as if he felt guilty, he added, "I don't want to now, and I don't want to in the future." He Yan didn't take it seriously. After thinking about it, she asked him, "Can I go to visit the class tomorrow?"? Yang Xin was filming in the film and television city and invited me to play there. Yang Xin is the little star with Fu Sui. They added WeChat to each other when they were playing cards that night, but they haven't been out of touch these two days. Yang Xin also sent some photos of her studio to He Yan and warmly invited her to play when she was free. Although he Yan is not interested in Yang Xin and filming, she has to go for those calculations in her heart. No matter what request she makes now, whether it is reasonable or not, Fu Shenxing will agree. He smiled and answered her, "OK, I'll go with you." The next day, he really drove her to the film and television base in the suburbs of Nanzhao to visit the little star Yang Xin's class. Seeing Fu Shenxing also came with He Yan, Yang Xin was flattered and asked for leave from the director to accompany them around for most of the day. He Yan seemed to be in a good mood. Before she left, she asked Yang Xin with great interest, "Can I sneak back to the city at night?"? Shall we go to dinner together? Yang Xin is now red,micro gear motor, the entire crew are holding, naturally there is a lot of freedom, Wen Yan busy nodded, "good, good." Then he turned to look at Fu Shenxing and asked him, "Brother Fu, can you go with me?" Fu Shenxing was only accompanied by He Yan all the way. He said very little. Wen Yan glanced at He Yan first, and then nodded slightly. "Call him and have a meal together." "Well,Brushless Gear Motor," Yang Xin did not know what was going on. She still nodded with a smile and acted like a spoiled child to Fu Shenxing professionally. She complained half-truthfully: "But then I was so busy that I often had no time to talk to me. I was afraid I couldn't make an appointment with him. "Why don't Brother Fu call him and give him the order?" Fu Shenxing lightly pulled the corner of his lower lip, "you tell him that I want him to go." With his words, Fu had to go whether he wanted to or not, but when he had dinner at night, he always had a smelly face and did not look good at all. Even when He Yan and Yang Xin went to the bathroom together, he asked Fu Shenxing directly: "Shen Zhijie, eldest brother, can I call you eldest brother?"? Are you really confused or not? Can't you really see that this woman has a different purpose? Who is she? How could a woman like a poisonous snake chase a little star in her twenties? "Yes, there is another purpose." Fu Shenxing's face was calm. He nodded slowly, smiled, and said, "But as long as she's happy, what does it matter?" Fu was so angry that he looked at him incredibly for a long time. "Shen Zhijie, I think you are really crazy." Unable to sit down any longer, he stood up and walked out angrily, Planetary Gear Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, bumping into He Yan and Yang Xin as soon as he got out of the door. Yang Xin looked at him like this and couldn't help wondering, "Then, where are you going?" Fu then a belly of anger, hate to stare at He Yan, do not even say a word, grabbed Yang Xin wrist, pulled her to go out. He Yan neither stopped nor asked questions, but stood there watching them leave, and then returned to the room as usual. Fu Shenxing, still sitting at the table, looked up at her with a faint smile and said, "Come and eat." Both of them thought that what had just happened did not exist, and after a quiet meal, they got up and left. He had a few drinks and tried to drive, but she stopped him. "I'll drive." She said, taking two steps forward to open the door and sit in the driver's seat. He stood looking at her twice and went around to sit next to her. It was his new car. She was not familiar with it. She looked down for a long time before she started the car. He did not speak, but leaned against the car door and looked at her quietly.
Her hair was a little long, undyed and unstyled, and it hung so smoothly that it reached her shoulders. Yan? He suddenly called her softly. He Yan did not even look back, only to answer him: "Huh?" "If you want to see me in the future, just tell me," he said. "You don't have to go around in circles." "Yes." She answered him calmly, without any explanation. After all, he was less patient. After a moment's silence, he asked, "Why?" He Yan pursed her lips and answered him, "People must have a goal to live." He is stupefied, did not become aware laugh, ask her again: "Your target is to be close to Fu then, take the opportunity to sow discord between me and his concern next?"? So that the two of us can fight each other and lose both sides? This is the routine of the rich and powerful family fighting in the TV series. If she had enough time, if she didn't hate Fu Shenxing so much, maybe she would really choose this way. But not now, she has no time to provoke their brothers wall, no time to wait for Fu Shi to collapse from the inside. What she is doing now is just a trick to confuse the enemy, and what she really wants to do is to unite with Xiaowu, who is in Southeast Asia, to completely overturn Fu's black background and expose it to the world. The road would be difficult, but she had no choice. He Yan nodded slowly, and no matter whether he believed it or not, he only answered lightly: "Fu Shenxing, I don't want to hide it from you. I can't put down the past now. I can only carry it on my back and move forward step by step towards the goal. As for where I can go in the end, whether I can put down the past, or when I can put it down, I don't know." Fu Shenxing also nodded slowly, gently hooked his lips and said, "It's good. At least you can go forward." When he got home, Fu Shenxing followed He Yan upstairs as usual, but pulled her before she entered the bedroom. He pushed her against the wall with the help of wine and trapped her with his arm. When she tried to struggle,Small Dc Gear Motor, he whispered, "Don't be afraid, I won't touch you." 。 ichgearmotor.com
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