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Xu Zhiheng pulled out his hand, hugged her hard, and smiled the same way: "If you must be polite, then I want to say, thank you for letting me accompany." Chapter 23 What Ye Zhiqiu said about improving his work is not a casual remark. When she was in Suomei, because she had a strict system and a discerning boss, she was used to considering her work thoroughly and taking responsibility to the end. However, this is obviously not the case in Xinhe. Her revised system has not been effectively implemented. Her responsibility has effectively let the proprietress above let go, and the sales manager below is happy to be irresponsible. She called a meeting of the sales department, and several sales managers went to the conference room to chat, mostly talking about gossip in the industry. When she came to the door, she heard them talking about Zeng Cheng. Zeng Zong is awesome. I heard that he divorced quietly. Unlike Nina's Hu Fatty, the divorce was so dusty that the company was in a mess and the brand collapsed abruptly. Another person agrees with him: "That is, what kind of person is Lao Zeng? He is famous for his sophistication. How can Fatty Hu compare with him?". It is said that his wife is going to immigrate to Australia with her children. Ye Zhiqiu frowned. She didn't want people to talk about these tidbits about Zeng Cheng. When I talked to Xindi on the phone yesterday, Xindi had already told her about it,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, but it was no more detailed than the rumor. He only said that the time of divorce was before he went to Beijing on business. Zeng Cheng has always kept a low profile and did not have the habit of making a lot of noise about his family affairs. The divorce was also carried out in a very secret way, and naturally no one dared to inquire about the details. However, this did not prevent the news from spreading slowly, and there was a lot of discussion in the industry. When she went in, they shut up, all waiting to see the show,Small Dc Gear Motor, obviously wanting to see how she dealt with Xiao Liu. This girl is Liu Yuping's niece, this is not to attract people to gloat, but her character is really unruly, almost no one in the eye, to Shen Xiaona are often sarcastic, and the relationship with other people in the sales department can be imagined. Xiao Liu sat in the corner with a calm face. At the request of Ye Zhiqiu, she has greatly changed the alternative style of makeup and clothing, and now looks like a normal working girl. Liu Yuping is her aunt, really good to her, but she knows that Liu Yuping is also a very strict person, even to her daughter Shen Xiaona can not be said to indulge, micro gear motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, let alone to her. Although General Manager Ye is young and never speaks loudly at ordinary times, he is obviously as demanding of others as he is of himself. No one in the sales department dares to question her authority. He is as arrogant as Shen Xiaona and obeys her. Xiao Liu can only resign himself to his fate and think: It's a big deal not to do it. However, Ye Zhiqiu only summarized the sales situation, and then sent the next month's arrangement to everyone for discussion, and finally mentioned the Oolong delivery incident. To everyone's surprise, she named the sales manager in charge of the four places and asked him to say what responsibility he thought he should take. The sales manager, surnamed Zhou, is an old classmate of Liu Yuping, who is very old in the company. He was obviously surprised: "I don't think I am responsible. I have contacted the customer, and the list is strictly in accordance with the customer's requirements. At the same time, it is in line with Ye's regulations on exchange and delivery." The main responsibility of a sales manager is to develop and maintain customers. I don't think I need to say much about how to understand the meaning of maintenance. If you just place an order according to the customer's request and then let it go, then the order can go directly to the company's warehouse through the sales assistant, eliminating the intermediate links, I believe that the probability of error will be smaller. But do you think such an arrangement is feasible? The seven or eight sales managers in charge of various districts across the country were all silent. Ye Zhiqiu glanced at them: "Xiao Liu's mistake is very obvious. She is careless and lacks the spirit of active cooperation. The relevant punishment is inevitable.". At the same time, I also reviewed myself. This was the first time that I gave her the right to handle the delivery independently. Although I had already explained what should be explained clearly, I really did not expect that everyone had been used to me to do the final step of the examination and approval, and all of them gave up the link of checking the delivery of their own customers. From today on, I hope you can have a clear understanding of what should be done but not done according to the sales work system and do a serious thinking about your work.
And in the future, I won't have to do everything myself. Everyone has their own job. Please don't expect me to clean up the mess for everyone. For the first time, her tone was close to stern, and no one said anything more. When she announced the end of the meeting, everyone went out silently. Xiao Liu looked depressed and left it to the end. He signed the reimbursement documents for her. She was a little amused: "Is this expression unconvinced?" "No, General Manager Ye." Xiao Liu blinked his eyes and held back his tears. "I'm convinced. I just hate them for bullying me and waiting to see my jokes." "Bullying?" Ye Zhiqiu laughed, "You are not a child, and those who work with you are adults.". Mistakes at work can be said to be normal, but the mistakes you made this time belong to the kind that can be avoided. Your job is to cooperate with the sales manager. How can you cooperate if you think they are all bullying you? Xiao Liu pursed his lips and kept silent. Ye Zhiqiu shook his head: "I looked at your resume. Before working here, you worked as a receptionist and a salesman in Shen's real estate company for less than two months. If you cherish this job, you need to reflect on your working attitude and the way you get along with your colleagues. Go out and do things." Ye Zhiqiu got up and went to the window. Outside was a square factory building, and there was no scenery. She's just stretching and stretching. Today's attack, in fact, is not just for Xiao Liu. Several of Xinhe's sales managers have followed Liu Yuping for many years. Relying on their seniority, they are very lazy and arbitrary. Manager Zhou is said to have always thought that he would sit in the position of sales director, and naturally has a faint hostility to her. She has cleaned up for them more than once or twice. The new working system has been worked out for a long time, but their improvement is limited. She was determined not to waste her energy on these routine tasks, but to make it clear that the reaction of these people was in her eyes,small geared motors, and of course she would not believe that an attack could make them change their nature, which was not an easy process. But if she wanted to free herself, she had to pull her face down. ichgearmotor.com
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