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New Cheaper Smart Lock Announced With Thread

Today, Polish company tedee unveiled a new door lock at the IFA in Berlin. The new model will be slightly larger than the current model but can use an existing cylinder and key. In addition, tedee also wants to appeal to more price-sensitive customers.To get more news about best bluetooth door lock, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

We have been using the HomeKit door lock from tedee for a long time and it does its job reliably. In contrast to the competition, the door lock is significantly smaller and quieter, but in some instances, requires replacing the cylinder during installation.
This is precisely what tedee wants to change with the door lock now announced for early 2023. The slightly larger tedee Go can simply be placed on an existing cylinder with a key. The lock then simply turns the key when opening or closing.

The housing has not only changed in size from ? 45 x 55mm to ? 57 x 63mm; When it comes to the material, the tedee Go only uses plastic with an ‘aluminium look’ instead of aluminium. Nevertheless, the door lock feels reassuringly premium, as is usual from tedee. While the premium model has an integrated rechargeable battery, The ‘Go’ uses three CR123A/R batteries. The new model should be available for less than €200.
Incidentally, the range of functions is identical to the previous tedee. It even goes one step further and uses Thread in addition to Bluetooth. The premium model will also receive a hardware update with a thread in the future.
I installed the SwitchBot Lock on my back door, which is a main entryway to our house. It leads into our mudroom from our garage and gets a lot of foot traffic. The fingerprint reader and keypad made it easy for my children to use the lock — no need to download an app. Without those, though, there is not an easy way for a kid without a smartphone to access the door.

I was also disappointed that the notifications when the door is unlocked didn’t show which code or fingerprint was used. This is a common feature on other smart locks and one I personally use to help keep track of my older kids’ comings and goings when I’m at work. I could check the log in the app to see who unlocked it, though.

Locking and unlocking are fast when controlling it with the keypad, but the phone app takes over five seconds to connect — very irritating if you’re standing in the rain. The Apple Watch connects more quickly, and if you didn’t have a keypad, is the easiest way to control the lock. All these interactions are over Bluetooth, so you must stand by the lock. To control it remotely with the app or voice control, you need the hub.
Setup and installation were quick, under 5 minutes in all. This is one of the lock’s biggest selling points, but it also wasn’t entirely straightforward. There’s a bit of lining up to do to make sure the lock will turn before you tape it to the door, and you need to use a small screwdriver (supplied) to adjust the spacing of the lock. Cleverly, it attaches in any direction, vertically or horizontally, so you can fit it around your door handle. It also comes with a magnet to sense when the door is open or closed, although I could still lock it remotely while it was wide open without any alert or notification.

The SwitchBot app is basic. There’s no way to create schedules to lock or unlock the door at a set time of day, and the auto-lock feature was very spotty. It only worked with both the “Lock after a set period of time” and the “Re-lock if the door has been unlocked but not opened” toggles on, and even then, it was unreliable. This seems like a software bug that may get fixed. But it did mean I had to get my phone out to lock the door (there are iOS and Android lock screen widgets to make this quicker), use the Apple Watch app, or use my key. When I added the keypad, though, I could hit a button to lock it.

There are some useful notification options, including when the door is locked, if the door has been left unlocked, and if it’s been left ajar after a certain amount of time. Notifications require the hub to work, and really, they should just sell this with the hub. It definitely makes it a better smart lock. With the hub, I could connect to Alexa and add the lock to an Alexa Routine that automatically locked it every night at sunset.
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