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Emergency health kits

WHO has developed standardized health kits of medicines and medical supplies to meet different health needs in humanitarian emergencies and disasters.To get more news about IFaks, you can visit rusuntacmed.com official website.

These kits are developed to provide reliable and affordable medicines and supplies quickly to those in need. The kits are used by United Nations agencies, nongovernmental organizations and national governments.

Based primarily on WHO’s Essential Medicines list and guidelines on treatment of specific medical conditions, the contents of the kits are frequently reviewed and updated to adapt to changing needs based on experience in emergency situations.
A certain number of kits are prepositioned in strategic locations to be mobilized quickly in times of need. Long term agreements with suppliers are also in place to ensure rapid shipment wherever needed.The IEHK Secretariat called for a revision of the kit content in 2017 to acknowledge changes in the kit content. Below described changes were considered and agreed as necessary by the technical committee. This new content of the IEHK 2017 replaces the 2011/2015 IEHK versions. The proposed changes were endorsed by the review committee on July 2018. The IEHK-2017, such as the previous IEHK, is intended for use only in the early phase of an emergency. The kit is neither designed nor recommended for re-supplying existing health-care facilities.

Cardiovascular diseases
Inclusion of medicines for treatment of acute severe hypertension, acute coronary syndrome, acute stroke and acute heart failure (acetylsalicylic acid, amlodipine, enalapril, glyceryl trinitrate, furosemide and heparin sodium).
Increase in the quantity of hydrochlorothiazide to allow for treatment of acute severe hypertension.
Replacement of atenolol by bisoprolol (based on EML update).
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