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Candle Containers, Jars and Tins

Our extensive line of metal tins has been especially popular with both the candle hobbyist and professional candle crafter. Metal tins can be found in silver or gold and in sizes ranging from from 1/4 oz up to 16 oz. Metal tins are offered with rolled edge slip cover caps that snuggly fit onto the container or screw on lids including continuous threads that will tightly seal the metal tins while storing and traveling. Both solid metal or clear view tops are available to pair with metal tins. Whatever your craft we have the container for you.Get more news about Tin travel candle jar,you can vist our website!

SKS metal candle tins are sold in small kits if you are looking for just a modest quantity but are also offered in wholesale bulk cases for your biggest discount. Quantity discounts are available off your total order so combine glass bottles, glass jars, tins and more to create a unique product line of candles.

* As always, you should test your candle containers with product for compatibility and always exercise caution when making or burning candles. We do not imply these containers are fit for any particular use.
Why use candle tins?
Candle tins are favorites of our customers and staff. Unlike glassware, you can't see the wax through the container, so you don't have to worry about glass adhesion or frosted sides! As a bonus, candle tins always come with a lid, which takes the stress out of the ordering process. Durable and shatterproof, lots of candle makers use them as travel tins since they are so sturdy.

Samples, giveaways, and party favors are some of our favorite ways to use candle tins — especially the smaller sizes! They're easy to label and have raised safety features on the bottom to keep the burning surface cool. Additionally, a protective varnish coating on the inside of the tins helps to protect the metal from discoloration.

Repurpose used candle tins as handy storage containers for desk accessories, nick-nacks, and much more. With a wide variety of sizes in both classic and luxe styles, our growing collection of candle tins offers something for everyone.
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