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How to quickly make gold in WoW Burning Crusade Classic as a new player

In Burning Crusade Classic, with the introduction of flying mounts, you need to make sure that you have enough gold to fly into the sky in the shortest possible time. You can expect considerable income when upgrading in Burning Crusade Classic. Next, I will introduce how to make gold quickly as a new player.To get more news about Buy World of Warcraft Gold, you can visit lootwow.com official website.

Optimize your bag space

It is always worth having a lot of bag space, but this is especially important if you have a gathering profession. These materials will quickly take up space in your bag, and you don't want to travel unnecessarily in a bank or auction house. Even if you don't want to disturb professions, it is still a good idea to clean your luggage as much as possible.


When you plunder the enemy, you will pick up a lot of garbage. You may also want to loot only things that seem valuable, but the money you make from selling gray items will quickly accumulate. For convenience, it may be tempting to sell things you don't need to vendors, but by selling to other players, you can get more revenue.
Sell crafts

Many handmade items can be sold at auction houses for a profit. Jewelry processing is a new feature of Burning Crusade Classic, but the upgrade cost is quite high. Tailoring is another option where you can see some benefits, especially since the drop of fabric is not particularly difficult to obtain. Moreover, you can also make your bags for sale. TBC-specific items usually sell well.

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