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Empty in the city

Shilin is carrying a bowl of porridge He fed Bai Qin spoonful by spoonful It's not that Bai Qin can't eat by herself It's just that Shilin wants to use this way To make up for Bai Qin At least It will not make Shilin feel ashamed I won't regret it later Bai Qin drank a bowl of rice porridge and a bowl of egg soup I ate another bowl of chicken cake And a boiled egg Boiled eggs are the place where Shilin forced Baiqin to eat Because after he asked Bai Qin just said it She felt sick yesterday morning I didn't eat at noon or in the evening Another night It's strange not to be hungry When Bai Qin finished eating I don't know if it's the effect of Stone Woodland Or egg rice porridge plays a role His face was a little pale The white harp looks a little haggard You look much more energetic His face also swept away the previous pallor Regain the color of blood Today Aren't you going back After breakfast Bai Qin looked at the stone forest sitting beside the bed and asked I'm not going back! Shilin peeled the egg and said to Bai Qin "Bai Qin's breakfast is settled and now it's his turn" What about Shu Ting You didn't go back last night! Bai Qin said with some concern Small Dc Gear Motor
At this time Bai Qin's heart is very contradictory On the one hand because Shilin came here to accompany her and feel happy on the other hand she was afraid that Zhang Shuting knew this matter not only did not do with Zhang Shuting's friends but also brought trouble to Shilin Although she has become a third party Bai Qin wants to be a dutiful third party and does not want to destroy the relationship between Shilin and Zhang Shuting which is different from the idea of most third parties who are eager to become a third party Zhang Shuting went back to her mother's house yesterday! Shilin explained "I called her in the morning and told her that I had a party with some classmates today" And with my relationship with her now she can't control me!

Not married on the tube such a woman is too overbearing if married that is also good If the result of a man's marriage is that he is controlled by a woman and he doesn't even have the right and freedom to get in and out then it's better not to get married Hearing the words of Shilin Bai Qin did not say anything more since the other party had already called Zhang Shuting and found a good reason if he went back he would have to find another reason Micro Gear Motor
So for the fact that the stone forest can stay Bai Qin accepted and the heart is very happy She suddenly felt that the disease was worth it After Shilin finished his breakfast he took the things away Then he went back to his room and sat on the edge of the bed chatting with Bai Qin Half an hour after breakfast Shilin took out the medicine he had bought and fed it to Baiqin Bai Qin's body is still a little weak because the time is still early only a little more than eight o'clock Shilin let Bai Qin rest more sleep again But Bai Qin is not willing she wants to look at the stone forest even if does not speak at least can let her feel Only in this way can she feel at ease and feel comfortable But Shilin didn't want to do this In the end Shilin had to lie on the bed and turn white In my arms Sleep if you can lie down if you can't Last night Shilin took care of Baiqin until very late He didn't go to bed until two or three o'clock in the middle of the night and he got up very early in the morning Perhaps because of this reason Small Geared Motors half an hour later it was Shilin who coaxed Baiqin to sleep but Baiqin did not sleep but Shilin fell asleep Looking at the sleeping face of Shilin Bai Qin's heart was filled with happiness She did not disturb Shilin but put her body into Shilin's arms and closed her eyes When Shilin woke up again it was already noon He lay in bed and stretched comfortably Cool! Sleep and eat eat and sleep pig-like life really good! Shilin suddenly remembered something he went to bed as if to coax Baiqin to sleep how did he fall asleep Shilin could not help but reach out and touch the bed eh Shilin turned his head and looked around Where is he Where is Bai Qin Shilin jumped out of bed and left the room As soon as he came to the corridor he heard the sound of squeaking Shilin hurried downstairs When he came to the first floor he saw Bai Qin in the kitchen from a distance wearing an apron a pot in one hand and a shovel in the other The smell of cooking drifted into Shilin's nose and Shilin was hungry again Shilin came to the kitchen lightly walked behind Bai Qin and suddenly hugged Bai Qin's waist from behind "Bai Qin trembled all over and when she saw the stone forest behind her she breathed a sigh of relief"

Although she knew that there were only two people in the house she and Shilin but Bai Qin was still startled by Shilin Shilin smiled then stretched out a hand touched Bai Qin's forehead has not felt hot back to normal body temperature How about a little more sleep Shilin said softly in Bai Qin's ear Bai Qin is also the closest woman in Shilin at least she is the first and only one to have a relationship with Shilin so far except Zhang Shujun of course So when Shilin holds Bai Qin there is always a sense of satisfaction in his heart Maybe that's how a man feels when he has a woman I've been sleeping for more than twenty hours If I sleep again my body will turn into a fossil! Bai Qin looked at Shilin and said with a smile "Go and wash lunch will be ready soon and there is a meat very soon!" "恩 Why didn't I see it in the morning Shilin asked I went out to buy it It's very close just out of the neighborhood En ~ "said Bai Qin can not help but begin to groan Shilin's hand has begun to be restless first stroking each other's lower abdomen and then into the clothes inside!"! Bai Qin did not stop she likes to be touched by her lover and her illness is just right the body is unusually sensitive Shilin's hands to a certain extent also played a role in massage so that Bai Qin felt very comfortable But this kind of comfort is limited to the beginning As Shilin's hands became more and more presumptuous Bai Qin's body softened completely If it hadn't been for the stone forest behind her I'm afraid Bai Qin would have fallen to the ground Food! Bai Qin's hand kept trembling and she had no strength at all If it goes on I'm afraid this pot of food will be burnt Shilin's hand stopped stroking and stayed quietly on each other's lower abdomen gently hugging In this way Bai Qin felt much better at least she could finish frying the dishes in the pot ichgearmotor.com
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