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Extra son-in-law

Afternoon courtyard the sun is not as hot as noon the room began to have a cool breeze the younger brother stood up began to stand by the window to see the beautiful lotus pond outside cicadas kept chirping The two of them chatted casually and Junwu suddenly said "" I got the earlier message from the northwest "I don't want to hear it" Zhou Pei answered at the first time It was a terrible beating Junwu held the window frame looked outside and whispered After a while he turned around and said "I'll go to the palace later I may have dinner in the palace" Zhou Pei nodded and said "There will be a banquet at the Xu Mansion in the evening Mrs Xu came to invite me again and again and I promised to go there" Junwu nodded and was silent for a moment "I'll go first" "I'll take you" The elder sister sent the younger brother to the gate of the mansion At parting Zhou Pei said "Now that you have come your father will accept you" Vending Machine Motor
Junwu smiled and said "It's a pity that he won't go north" There was some sarcasm in that smile He's afraid Zhou Pei did not speak a few years ago the search of the mountains and the sea the destruction of the Jurchens farther away imprinted in everyone's mind and this period of time Yue Fei Han Shizhong Zhang Jun Liu Guangshi and other generals side training side to the chaotic area north of Qinhuai also fought several battles recovered several prefectures and counties but often when there is a big battle The main force in the court is bound to start to stop the core reason what is it …… He's afraid This is Something that cannot be said on the table Zhou Yong can be unprincipled and can help his son or daughter to do perverse things on the table but in his heart of hearts he is afraid When the Jurchens went south for the third time he wrote a book twice to ask Jin Wu Shu for peace When the Shu Line made a surprise attack on Yangzhou Zhou Yong failed to wait for his son's arrival After all he sailed first In the deepest part of his heart he was not a strong emperor after all and he did not even have many opinions After seeing off her brother Zhou Pei walked all the way back to the study

The afternoon wind had begun to become mild She sat quietly at the desk for a while She reached out her hand and opened a drawer at the bottom of the desk Many pieces of paper recording intelligence information were put there by her She turned them over The information was far away and had not been filed yet One piece of information stopped in the middle She pulled it out After half a smoke he paused again It was not long ago that the news came back from the northwest and she had read it once Here she did not want to give it a special classification at this time even resisted to look at it again High Torque 12v Dc Motor it is not strange information in the past few years similar information often often come She sat with her head down and her eyes closed trying to make all this normal Soon after Zhou Pei tidied up his mood sorted out the information and put it back in the drawer It's just ordinary information it's an ordinary day and I don't think of anything very special After this thought her attention was already on the reality so she greeted the maid Yi Ren dressed up a little and got into the carriage to go out The motorcade of Princess Mansion drove through the streets of the former Hangzhou which has been called Linan through the dense flow of people to the residence of the right Xiangxu at this time Xu's wife's family was a powerful family in the south of the Yangtze River The land was vast and there were many officials in the family They had a deep influence After they had a relationship with Princess Zhou Pei they invited her many times Zhou Peicai finally agreed to come down and attend the gathering of women's families in Xu's family At the end of the summer of the sixth year of Wu Jianshuo the south of the Yangtze River including the city of Hangzhou was showing a lot of prosperity and vitality and even made people suddenly feel that the fall of the Central Plains might be a good thing In Xu Fu many officials and women welcomed the arrival of the long princess As the sun sets the banquet begins in the Champs Elysees in the backyard of the Xu Mansion For Zhou Pei this is a very simple social scene She talks skillfully with the women around her performs gracefully and with a little distance to watch and occasionally opens her mouth to guide some of the topics at the banquet Many of the women present looked at the 25-year-old princess in front of them and wanted to get close to her but they all had a trembling awe

The one in front of us is not the kind of royal woman who is not familiar with the affairs of the world In her hands she holds half of the royal family Most of the time her means are gentle and she is nominally not involved in any government affairs However in the previous two or three years of various famines and chaos there are quite a lot of fierce examples of the action of the long princess mansion A group of ladies who are accustomed to the intrigue in the backyard of a big family facing such a woman have a natural weakness and longing Although there are also many people in the dark that the long princess is too strong at home and even forced the emperor's son-in-law to abandon himself in the city of Lin'an but when the other side has been ignoring this rumor they are more afraid of 12v High Torque Motor
Zhou Pei A woman who doesn't even want a family or a reputation really wants to get angry What can't she do As a result the abdomen is only limited to the abdomen During the banquet the women talked about poetry gifted scholars music and then about Qixi Qiqiao more than a month later whether they could invite the long princess to join them Zhou Pei participated in it appropriately During the banquet a weak official woman fainted because of heatstroke Zhou Pei went over to have a look and asked people to help the woman to rest Just as Xu Shi arrived it was just getting dark and most of the banquet was going on While the singers in Xu Fu were performing Zhou Pei sat there and began to wander around the sky Inadvertently she remembered the dream she had at noon How long has it been since that nightmarish war In the summer of the third year of Jianshuo the Jurchens crossed the river at Huangtiandang Now it is the sixth year of Jianshuo Time has passed in memory for a long time But come to think of it It's only been three years Three years She looked at the scene of singing and dancing almost as if it were a lifetime ago ichgearmotor.com
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