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The snow quickly turned the ground into a snow-white, like a fluffy white carpet. When you step on it, it will make a slight sound. It's a wonderful touch. I can't help laughing out loud. Zhao Chengze did not speak for a moment, but looked up and held an umbrella. I laughed for a while and then reached out to catch the snow falling from the umbrella. The snow fell on the palm of my hand and was steamed by the heat. Suddenly it turned into water. But I was happy to play, and after a while, my whole hand was dripping with water, full of snow water. Watch out for the ice. Zhao Chengze said on one side. It's all right. I smiled at him. He turned his hand and wiped it at random. Wait a minute He suddenly made a sound. When I heard this, I stopped. He looked at me and shook his head slightly. "Come here." Reach out and grab my hand. Do what? I asked. He held the umbrella firmly in one hand, with a straight, bamboo-like wrist, and my hand in the other. Look into his arms. Hey, don't! I am stupefied at first, discovered his attempt later, want to withdraw a hand immediately, struggle hard, he says however: "Do not have a thing." "You'll get sick if your clothes get wet!" I don't comply. Retreat diligently. But he smiled. He took my wrist and rubbed my palm against the clothes on his chest. Finally, I didn't get into it. It was not until I dried my hands that he let go, but I felt that my hands were burning,temperature check kiosk, where would the ice, and even my face was burning. This man.. You.. Why are you doing this. I asked, uncomfortably, hanging my head and looking at other places at random. You don't need to be uncomfortable. He just said warmly, "I just want to care about you." "Lord Luo." "Go." He sighed. "Do you think the fragrance of the flowers is stronger?" "Yes." I answered blankly. After a while, you can see the blooming wintersweet. "It will be beautiful." "Yes, it will be beautiful." Strands of a delicate fragrance in the snow,facial recognization camera, faintly floating over, fascinating. The snow has gradually increased, and when you step on it, you will not reach the back of your feet. I was unaware of it, but I thought it was very interesting. At first, I deliberately raised my feet high and stepped on them deeply. Later, I felt that I was not satisfied. So I left Zhao Chengze's side and jumped around in the snow from time to time. Sometimes I could not stand steadily and fell down. Zhao Chengze followed me with an umbrella from time to time. When I fell down, he would reach out his hand to help me in time. Sometimes when it was too late to help, I would fall down in the snow, not cool enough, laughing, rolling in the snow, smart interactive whiteboard ,face detection android, getting a face of snow, but also grabbed the snow to attack him, so angry that he did not know whether to laugh or cry. And this man was also ruthless enough. After he pulled me up, he beat me up and down, and beat the snow off my body. Sometimes when he hit me hard and hurt me, I would shout loudly, saying that he was "taking personal revenge". Gradually, he would say anything, and he just laughed. It really hurts if you are so careful. I don't care. He said that to me. I backed away, not looking at the road, but tilting my head to look at him. Be careful! He stared at me with a straight face. Snow swished down between me and him, like a snow-white curtain falling between us. This feeling.. It's like. "Ah!" I screamed, my feet slipped again, and sure enough, I couldn't stand and fell to the ground. You Zhao Chengze cried out on one side and rushed over to hug me. It hurts so much! I cried out. Where did you fall? His voice had changed, and he had lost his footing. I laughed and suddenly reached out to grab his outstretched hand and pulled it hard. His feet were unstable and he slipped. I hugged him with my arms and hugged him around the waist. He cried out. The umbrella in his hand flew away, but he fell down with me in the snow. Fortunately, the snow was very thick, so even if I fell down, I didn't feel any pain.
I held him in my arms and rolled a few times in the snow, laughing and laughing. Finally, I let him go. He looked down at me. His face was particularly white in the snow, and the blood in the corner of his eyes was particularly obvious. After a while, I pushed him and said with a smile, "What's wrong? Haven't you rolled enough?" Then he got up hurriedly, beat the snow all over his body for a while, shook his head again, and reached out to pull me. I handed over my hand lazily. He stretched out his hand and pulled me hard. My body flew up in the air. He hugged my waist with one hand. My waist tightened and he pulled me to his chest. He said, "Don't play like this in the future, do you know?" As enjoined, as commanded. Okay, okay, I know. He stuck out his tongue at him, looked at the snow-white top of his head, and couldn't help laughing again. Love entanglement chapter 195 snowball fight A little yellow, purplish red pistils, with glittering snowflakes on top of their heads, are blooming pitifully on the branches. With a look of stubbornness and indomitable spirit, he faintly revealed the fragrance of the pulse. This is wintersweet. The small buds of the trees are blooming beautifully, and under the decoration of snow, there is an ethereal aesthetic feeling. Does it look good? Zhao Chengze asked. It looks good. I replied,touch screen kiosk, "Is this wintersweet?"? It's really beautiful. Hold your face and look up to observe carefully. You've never seen wintersweet before. Asked the man next to him. You guessed it. How clever! Reward! I giggled. Okay, what's the reward? He asked. "Uh.." "Then give me a hug." He said Eh? Zhao Chengze stretched out his hand and hugged me around the waist and let me stick to his side: "My hair is all wet." The voice said softly. So is yours. I looked at him. The world under the umbrella has some tranquility and some ambiguity flowing in the silk. Who did this to you? He asked. Ah I was tongue-tied and turned my head. "The wintersweet is really beautiful." "Don't run away from the problem." "It's none of my business." I remembered what had just happened, and finally I couldn't help laughing. hsdtouch.com
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