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Entire match afk cheap RS gold revo (that I think they have to some extent) but I think they realise that they will lose much of the runescape playerbase they have left to it. By releasing EoC in that attempting to make RS more available didn't go well they learnt their lesson.Time investment isn't a sign of just how great the service is. Netflix for example is the same cost as OSRS but Netflix is a much better support for the price, although nobody invests the same amount of time as they do OSRS. Netflix offers reliable and consistent streaming of HD television. You know exactly what it is you are paying for and you get nothing. You will spend more time playing OSRS and find it more enjoyable, but for $11 per month, you should not have to take care of server problems, account security issues, game ethics issues and a lack of customer service. The point is that we are owed better to what we are paying.

After playing for about 24 hours complete In my degrees, the speediest moneymaker I could perform nets me a bond. Consideting I play with 24-36 hours per two weeks it will not make sense to invest most of not all that only afking to buy a bond. I just play mobile and not very often. Obviously for maximum mains who will go on raids and buy the equipment required to perform the money making methods, it's probably no big thing. However, for most runescape players, especially mobile runescape players, it is simply not feasible. Back when bonds were 2.5mil possibly, but over 4? Nope.

I tried calling them since somebody caught hold of my account and bought bonds via it.I reported it many times, asked them to remove all bonds from the runescape game and refund the card (it was not my card) because the card particulars were probably used without consent of the card owner. I showed them my google account history, showing that their service page had been seen by me IIRC, over 50 occasions, a few hours after the trades happened. My google account history showed that I wasn't busy, anywhere, I was asleep.

I sent them the IPs my notebook connected to faculty wifi and house wifi to show that any of mine occurred not than the purchase. They essentially just said"Just pay the 80+ bucks we needed to refund the card owner and we'll unlock your account, we don't believe that you did not do so". Never again will I spend another dime on or second that's profiting jagex.

Can I just say compared to jagex, many other"MOBILE GAMES", and im OSRS Gold afraid that osrs is a mobile game today, charge far more than 11 dollars a month for access to all articles. I remeber if dungeon hunter 5 was newish, and even then you had to cover anyhwere from 60 to 90 lbs to unlock the very best armour ingame, which would be replaced in the upcoming few months. And no other portable game will NEVER EVER have an choice to convert IN-GAME currency into a service that is paid.

Buy cheap RuneScape gold here: https://www.rsgoldfast.com/
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