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Seamless-no sign of stitching, whose face is it? I? Or high-energy? So the scissors came out. I became unusually calm and ruthless, and cruelly cut off the hair on my forehead. But the movements were so clumsy that they were not as good as the barber's apprentice who set up a stall on the roadside. He grabbed a handful of hair and cut it off by the roots, as if it had been gnawed by a dog. From the hairline of the forehead, to the upper part of the left and right temples, to the sideburns on both sides, including the hair behind the ears, the whole circle was cut off, and a large black hair was added to the basin, almost cutting off half of his own hair. Finally, when I looked in the mirror, I saw a man from the Qing Dynasty. Ugly as the Manchurian hairstyle of birth, it swept the whole of China with violence more than 300 years ago. Every male ancestor of ours had this slave hairstyle, which was shaved from the top of the head and completely eliminated from the temples, leaving only the back half of the head, and eventually degenerated into pigtail. Fortunately, I don't have that braid yet. But I saw the seam. It was a very thin pink line, running from the ears through the scalp of the forehead, which could only be found by looking closely at the mirror. As thin as the smallest hair, and similar to the color of the skin, most of it is hidden in the hair,gold CIP machine, if not shaved off, it is impossible to find. Only a small part of the bottom is connected to the neck, but behind the ears, there is no trace of the neck at all. Celestial clothes have "seams". Yes, this carefully hidden red line is the trace of face transplantation. My original face had been destroyed and became a devilish face. President Hua transplanted the high-energy face to me and covered up the traces of the operation with his hair. No, it's just a mask, a mask that will never come off. Grasping the red thread on the top of his head, he tried to dig his fingers into the "seam" and pull off the high-energy human skin mask! But the face had grown firmly on my head,tin beneficiation plant, and the thin red thread had merged with my skin, and no matter how hard I tore it, it still clung to my scalp. No, it's not me. It's not my face. It's just a mask. I picked it with my fingers like crazy, and although my skin was broken and my face was covered with blood, I still had a high-energy face in the mirror, looking at myself safely, although my expression was painful and distorted. Yes, yes! Ah! What are you doing? My mother suddenly burst into the bathroom and saw me frantically driving my face. She quickly pressed my arm to stop this foolish action. I completely lost my mind and pushed my mother aside. Scalp blood flowed into his eyes, blurring his vision, and his eyes were blood-red, like an ancient killing field. In my mother's cry, in the bright red world, beside my father's sigh before cutting his wrists, small gold wash plant ,Carbon in Pulp, I felt the world spinning, the whole universe turned upside down in an instant, and the darkness covered my brain again.. I fainted. Black Sea. I see a black sea, which the Mediterranean reaches through Dardanelles and Marmara and finally the narrow Bosphorus, surrounded by Eurasia, where countless peoples play and sigh, just like these eyes of mixed blood. His eyes are the mysterious Black Sea. Monica's eyes. You're awake. She said softly to me, my face reflected in her bright eyes-no, a high-energy face. Yes, I'm awake. This is my little room, and I see Monica, and I can see my mother. Half an hour ago, I was frantically knocking my face in the bathroom, and I fainted again intermittently. My mother didn't know what to do and thought of Monica in a panic-after helping my father with his funeral, our whole family thought Monica was my girlfriend. My mom took Monica's number from my cell phone and called to say that I suddenly went crazy, so Monica quickly came to my house. You are so stupid! Why would you hurt yourself? The mixed-race face shook its head and stroked the wound on my forehead with pity, as well as the Manchu hairstyle cut by myself. That's an ugly cut.
” Mother also wiped her tears beside her and said, "Yes, I'm so nervous that I cut half of my hair. It's so ugly!"! See how you can get out of the door! "Does it hurt?" Only then did I realize that the wound on my forehead was burning and painful, and my mother had put a lot of iodine on me. "Do you want to go to the hospital?" Monica asked with some distress. "No!" Thinking of the hospital opposite, where I said goodbye to my father forever, I was afraid, "No, I picked it with my fingers, it's no big deal." "Mom, can you give me and Monica a minute?" Mother sensibly withdrew from the small room. Monica and I were left alone, and the tip of her long chestnut hair swept over my injured forehead and said sadly, "I see, now you've finally proved it-face replacement surgery?" "Yes, the face you see now really doesn't belong to me, but was transplanted by the damned Dean Hua. It's the high-energy face of the dead." But now it belongs to you. Your own face will never come back. This face is you. Do you know? I'm very sad to see you like this. She touched my face, pressed her face against my forehead, her skin carrying her body heat, and I, like a bewildered child, lay on the bed and said, "I don't want your pity." "It's not pity, it's not compassion." Before I knew it, Monica was in tears, and for the first time I saw his mixed face and the lovely side of the Oriental. It's.. She hesitated to speak, which made me feel a little afraid. "But what?" "It's this!" After sinking for a minute, she suddenly lowered her head and touched my lips lightly-with her warm red lips. Shallow, wet, hot, salty, bitter, five flavors. When she raised her face again,gold cil machine, I stared at her small eyes, which was the second time I had received a kiss from the opposite sex since I had a memory. Last time it was desire and pain, but this time it was despair and warmth. ore-magnetic-mining.com
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