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Dumb fell to the ground, panting constantly, Catwoman had run away, the huge evil brought by the death chop was raging out of control in the whole castellan mansion, and the rest of the masters, the soldiers guarding the mansion, and the castellan and his attendants who were seriously ill by the overhead forces had already lost their souls because they could not resist the invasion of evil. The sword of Hades washed the whole mansion in blood and took away hundreds of lives here. Dumb kept panting. Although the sword of Hades had returned to its scabbard, the evil energy that had eaten back into the body kept devouring his body. His will had been gradually blurred. The silver gold body in the Dantian was wrapped in a faint ash. Why? Why is this so? Didn't Shizu say that I should be able to use four strokes of Pluto Swordsmanship with my current ability? But why did I only use three strokes and I couldn't stand it? No, absolutely feeding can be controlled by evil gas, "No-" Dumb's heart is full of fear, he deeply knows what kind of results will be if his body is controlled by the sword of Hades, the left hand's guardian ring lights up, a surging sacred breath flows into his body along the arm, quickly moistening the meridians in his body. Dispelling the evil gas around the silver gold body and protecting the source of his energy, Dumb suddenly found that the second gold body in his chest trembled slightly, and the evil gas that defended him was suddenly thrown away by him. A wisp of True Qi like silk thread flowed down and connected the silver gold body. Dumb suddenly felt an explosive energy in his body. He could not help but write, a thick layer of gray gas has been forced out of the body, the blood of the dragon in the chest lit up, absorbed the ash gas, Dumb soft fell to the ground, kept panting, he clearly felt that in order to fight against the huge evil gas, the silver gold body in the Dantian has lost more than half of its energy, the second gold body that communicated energy. Also in the evil gas hours at the same time disappeared, that wisp of silky fighting gas seems to have never appeared private, nevertheless, Dumb heart is still very excited,artificial plant wall panels, at least he has killed the most hated enemy of ice, but it is a pity that Catwoman ran away, a long time, Dumb Shu out of a long breath, slowly stood up, touched the chest of the sword of the keeper. Its monstrous evil power is really a double-edged sword, although powerful, but also has great danger, looking around the dead and walking corpses, Dumb heart without a trace of sad expression, he felt his chest is very comfortable, walked to Horton. In front of the mummy, Dumb took out Ice's head and let her face the mummy, "Ice, outdoor palm trees ,large ficus tree, did you see that?"? I have killed Horton for you, the beast who has harmed you all your life. He can't harm the world any more. You can rest assured that I will never let go of the catwoman who hurt you. The next time we meet, she will die. Dumb gently stroked the head, he felt, as if the ice was smiling, the depression in his heart disappeared, Dumb stretched out his right hand, yellow energy silk under his control, constantly depicted on the wall of the castellan mansion, two one-meter-diameter characters clearly left on it-death. Looking at his masterpiece, Dumb smiled coldly, all the evil forces, you wait, waiting for the arrival of death, I want to let you one by one, all buried under my world's most evil sword of Hades, carefully take back the head of ice, Dumb unfolded his body, flying out of the wall from the castellan's mansion without a trace of life. What happened in the castellan mansion was not discovered until the next day. When the mummies were found, all the people were shocked. The two big characters of death on the wall deeply shocked everyone's heart. People learned from the maid who survived the dark night club that the God of death was the one who destroyed the dark night club and the whole castellan mansion. People thought of the golden light of the previous night and naturally thought of it together. Things soon spread all over the streets and alleys. The name of death was deeply branded in the hearts of every people in the dark city. People began to panic. Those who engage in the dark profession are restrained, trembling and dare not do evil again.
They are afraid that the next object of death will be themselves. In their hearts, it is no longer a person, but is sure to be sent from heaven, finally, the Holy See intervened in this matter, with the huge influence of the church, it gradually suppressed the matter, but the name of death will not be forgotten. On the contrary, those who are usually oppressed by the dark forces are secretly pleased that their lives have become normal without the oppression of those in the Lord's House of the Dark City, and they even pray for death to come again. In the woods, the rock brothers and the elf girls waited anxiously. Dumb had been gone for a long time. A ray of light gradually appeared in the distant sky. The dark sky gradually turned dark blue. Dawn had arrived, but Dumb still did not return. The rock wanted to go to the dark city several times to find Dumb, but was stopped by the rock, he clearly understood, now only wait, waiting for the return of Dumb. A ghostly figure appeared in the direction of the dawn, and the speed of the shadow was so fast that it came like lightning in the direction of the woods. The Rock brothers nervously drew out their weapons. Everything they had experienced in the Dark City had made them frightened. The spirit of the elf girl had not fully recovered, but she still recited a spell to attack the elves. A few vines came out of her face and climbed up to the three of them. As long as the shadow is not conducive to them, the elf girl will control the vines to attack. The figure approached quickly, and finally, in the light of the dawn, the rock saw clearly that the approaching figure was Dumb who had gone to the Dark City. His whole body was wrapped in the whole body armor made of the snake skin of the giant spirit snake, and he quickly leaned against the tube. Although his face was a little pale, his spirit seemed to be very excited. "Dumb-" the Rock Brothers shouted at the same time. Dumb jumped high and flew to the rock brothers. The two brothers hugged Dumb's shoulders tightly. After a night of expectation and anxiety, they finally looked back to their brothers. Their hearts were completely excited. Dumb came back,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, alive, without any blood on his body. No matter whether he succeeded or not, at least he was still alive. hacartificialtree.com
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