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Judging from the rare and pitiful memory before, the problem should still lie in my life experience, right? Those old foxes knew that I was not dead. They must have done a lot of tricks in the dark. It was too much trouble for me to enter the quiet court. To paraphrase Shikamaru, it's trouble. It's so much trouble. At the beginning, I should have directly changed their memories to let them forget that they had seen me, and blamed myself for being soft-hearted. Finally, I followed her back to the main house of the Four Maple Courtyard. Although I had a quiet life these days, I knew that there must be a deeper darkness hovering behind the brilliance. I wasn't going to ask about the past, but now it seems that I can't care about it? What if they touched someone they shouldn't have? I gave a very evil smile. Let the night next to him be stunned at the right time. Sister, what I am now is no longer what I was a hundred years ago? So please don't treat me as a child anymore. The things you worry about won't happen again. Please leave all the things to me in the future. Every word I said was clear and every sentence was clear. There was a touch of worry and excitement on her face when she heard my words. Her sister grew up. At this moment, she clearly saw that she had grown up. Yeyi hugged me into her arms with some excitement, stroked my back and murmured in a low voice, "Sister has always thought that Miaoyi only needs to be protected, just found that our little Miaoyi wings have been plump, can fly high?"? Sister is not good, sister should not always treat you as a child, a few days ago when I saw you, sister knew that now you have no one can hurt you, after sister will let you go, let you fly far away. I snickered in my heart that this was the effect I wanted. So I don't have to go to school? Ye Yi seemed to know what I was thinking. He nodded my forehead and said with a smile, "You can see what you are thinking at a glance. Are you wondering if you don't have to go to school?" Night a pair of hands akimbo,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, a royal elder sister. Was said to be the center of my old face a red, holding a night of the arm hurriedly pinched Mei way, "sister, then your results?"? Yeah Yeyi looked at me in a funny way and said, "There is no real way for you to go to school. With your ability, there is no need at all. There is no way for you to enter Mao. Since you really don't want to go to school, you should graduate as soon as possible." "Ah, I have to go to school. I thought I could graduate directly." I am a little disappointed to hang my head, graduate as soon as possible that does not mean that I have to go to school, think of those horrible girls I tremble all over, it seems that for their own quiet or graduate as soon as possible! There's no way. Didn't you go to school before? It's just a process. You go to school first and stay there. After your sister goes back, small geared motors ,gear reduction motor, she asks other captains to recommend you to graduate early. At that time, after graduation, she goes directly to the Liufan Team. "Night, you look at me with a silly expression, which makes me really depressed for a while." Why is it the sixth team? Aren't all the people in our four maple courtyards directly into the second team? Or is my sister afraid that I will enter your opposition and rob you of your job? "I am very puzzled to joke that if I want to enter the second team, how can I enter the sixth team?"? There must be something fishy. This This Anyway, when you fill out the application form, you can fill in the six teams. You don't need to know so much. Then you will know. Then I have nothing else to do. I will go first. "The night said so hastily and ran away, as if there were wolves chasing her behind.". I am even more depressed. Am I still the child of the Four Maple Courtyard. I couldn't figure out why, so I had to mention it first. I came to Aizen's side and looked at the wound on his body. I poked Aizen's head, which was swollen like a pineapple, with my finger. "Does it hurt? Well, why don't you explain it clearly? Is it good now?" Aizen just looked at me with a slit open, the corners of his mouth pulled like two sides, but he did not speak. Looking at this kind of Aizen, I am really angry and have no place to send it! Finally, he used the time of the day: recovery as before to cure the wound on Aizen's body.
The days are back to the same as before. Sometimes I think it's just a dream to beat Aizen on the first day of the night. Otherwise, how can the days be so peaceful? As usual, Aizen will take the initiative to send me home every day, and then sometimes stay for a meal. The only difference is that Aizen's practice is more desperate. Now Aizen is a desperate man. I also asked Aizen many times why he worked so hard, but every time he looked at me and said with a smile, "I want to have a strong power to protect my treasure." When he said this, Aizen was full of firm faith, which made me a little jealous of what kind of treasure could make Aizen so determined. In this way, every time I was called back by Aizen's words, I did not ask for a long time, because I knew I would not ask other results. Just when I thought I was going to finish the semester like this, the team's notice came down. Inform me that the test will be carried out in three days. After getting the news, I was a little happy, and finally I didn't have to go to school. On the contrary, Aizen was very unhappy for a few days. I was very considerate to comfort him for a long time. Didn't I graduate earlier than him? As for? So I told him to work hard and try to learn all the skills of death as soon as possible and then graduate to my team. Unexpectedly, the boy said, "He won't get into the small six teams. If he wants to get into the five teams before me.". Aizen's words sound totally childish, but when it comes to my ears, I feel like I've been struck by lightning. Hasn't fate changed yet? Is he still going to the fifth team? 139 Enlistment Test The days passed quickly, and soon came the day of the team test. Early in the morning and at night,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, she came to my dormitory and asked me if I was ready. She comforted me not to be nervous. I was so annoyed that my head almost cracked. Finally, my roar ended her broken thoughts. I was a little worried about Xi Zhu in my heart. I really didn't know that besides violence, there were also broken thoughts. ichgearmotor.com
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