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Four Immortals Remembering the Drunken Shade of the Phoenix

Ziying stretched out her hand to take the hairpin which suddenly shone brilliantly at the moment of touching Ziying's finger turning into a brilliant and brilliant sphere The light of the sphere enveloped Ziying in a circular area and Nianluan was ejected abruptly and his body twisted dexterously in midair and landed dexterously Looks like Nightmare Yeah As far as I know the only thing that can shine brightly in the world of illusion is Nightmare I can't believe this thing can be transformed normally Good thing With these words Nian Luan blinked his fox eyes and carefully moved a few steps away from Xuanxiao Joking now Ziying can't protect him If Xuanxiao remembers what happened just now he can't resist and is ready to run away at any time Fox cunning is my nature ~ Nian Luan proudly cocked his tail You think you can get out from under my nose Nian Luan only felt that the sky was spinning for a moment and the pain in his tail was lifted upside down by Xuan Xiao Terrible It seems that even if you don't die you will lose a layer of hair "Well I'm not in the mood to argue with you" Xuanxiao gently threw the fox out and his worried eyes condensed on the light group wrapped in Ziying Nian Luan who had landed safely moved his ears This Xuanhuang is not bad Not bad with Ziying ~ 24v Gear Motor
Look at his nervous appearance it is not in vain for Ziying to do everything for him and there are many disasters In the first part how can I rub shoulders with you after crossing a thousand years Chapter 71 Nian Luan Old Story Updated March 1 2012 214238 Words in this Chapter 2994 The light dissipated and Ziying stood there with her eyes closed Xuanxiao suddenly had the idea of not daring to come forward to confirm and then laughed at himself and when he met Ziying he was no longer like the Xuanhuang who was always calm and self-restrained

Don't worry I'm back Ziying just stood there smiling shallowly …… Candle Yan is still waiting for us to bring him wine Xuanxiao looked at Ziying who came to his side and smiled That smile contained not only joy but also relief When we go back to Qingluan Peak we'll go and see him "Good" Ziying spread out her palm and a small ball of shining light was suspended in midair In the name of the head of the Huan clan I order you to collect the brilliance From generation to generation the position of the patriarch of the world of illusion depends on the treasure of the clan "Nightmare" Although Ziying did not personally attend the succession ceremony he is indeed the current patriarch of the world of illusion the only one Although "Nightmare" was given to Liu Mengli by him and let him recognize Liu Mengli as the main body it did not say that it was located in Liu Mengli A green and simple hairpin lay in the palm of Ziying's hand Ziying took a few steps to insert the hairpin into Mengli's bun as she had done many years ago When Nightmare admits that your spiritual power can take over the position of patriarch it will be time for me to retire But speaking of I am the patriarch ah in addition to the catastrophe really have not done anything for the magic clan in terms of the ability to deal with things dream glass you have been able to support this world Meng Li's tears filled the line of sight Planetary Gear Motor She stepped back and bowed her knees "Meng Li I won't let Ziying down!" This gift is the promise of the young master to the patriarch Then the world of illusion is up to you To the outside world you can say that I practice in seclusion and you can take care of the affairs of the clan temporarily Ziying looked at Mengli with a flash of guilt and love in her eyes Mmm Meng Li nodded obediently Ziying caught the red hairball flying over and couldn't help laughing "Nian Luan" I've never seen you in such a mess The whole body is scattered 90% and now it can't even turn into a human form but He's still alive It's good to live How can a fox die so easily! I have nine tails! The former Nian Luan was a celestial fox with a nine-day tail But mortals have only one life Ziying's hidden words made Nianluan suddenly silent Yes mortals have only one life and three souls and seven souls are so fragile If Luan dissipates Nian Luan will have no reason to exist Let's go Xuanxiao took the lead in walking outside Ziying nodded to Mengli and followed Xuanxiao Meng Li looked at Ziying's back and smiled with tears in her eyes

Ziying Xi Zhongquan told me My identity As long as you're happy Ziying as long as I am in one day the illusion will not become your burden! On the way to the exit Xuanxiao suddenly said "Ziying what is the relationship between Liu Mengli and you" "Huh" Why do you suddenly ask this Ziying froze After I went to sea I came to Qingluan Peak Seeing you and the dream bottle that turns into Liu Mengli are inseparable By rights shouldn't it Brushless Gear Motor
be beside Tianhe As soon as Xuanxiao remembered the scene at the beginning he was secretly unhappy and just now Ziying had personally inserted the hairpin for her! Xuanxiao frowned more and more tightly Er Xiao how can you remember this Ziying couldn't help laughing Her left hand stroked the fur of the fox in her bosom and her eyebrows were all smiling "Chan You never married in her life Meng Li is not her child but her sister's daughter my twin sister" It was only after I asked Xi Zhong in detail that I learned that my mother had given birth in the world of illusion because of her special constitution and that Chan You had quietly hidden the baby girl in the dragon and phoenix fetus born by her mother because she wanted to leave an heir for the world of illusion “…… It should have nothing to do with you now you Xuanxiao is now very afraid of what Ziying will do again Xiao the world of illusion has nothing to do with me Even though I'm still the titular patriarch but The world of illusion has never been a place for me to stay Xuanxiao and Ziying had reached the entrance boundary at this time Xuanxiao went out first Ziying looked back at the purple world and stepped out of the boundary without hesitation Xuanxiao looked at Ziying coming out and his eyes fell on Nianluan "Why did you bring this thing out" "There is no need for Nian Luan to stay in the realm of illusion and I think" He also has the fetters that he wants to see Maybe He has no courage to face this fetter now but it is always a wish to see it 。 ichgearmotor.com
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