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These three days, I had a good arrangement, surfing the Internet, playing games, and going out to play with my darling, but a meal the night before brought a nightmare, which later turned into a nightmare of my life. 13 Feast of nightmares "Baby, go change your clothes and go out for dinner later." As soon as she got home, the queen issued an order. Are there any guests of honor? It's not that I'm a prophet, but that I know my mother better than my son. Those who can make a stingy mother spend money must not be ordinary people. He was your father's former boss. He took good care of your father. Now that he's in the central government, it's rare for him to come back, so he invited his family to dinner. "Alas, the poor old chief wanted to train a good cadre for the country, but he didn't want to be cheap." Before I could finish, I got an iron palm from my mother on my head. "Change your clothes quickly and your father will go straight to the restaurant later." Back to my room, think about it, according to China's national conditions, my father has been promoted to mayor, the old chief must be a member of the Central Committee, there must be a lot of votes in the bag, the first time we met, I look like everyone loves me, there is no reason not to give red envelopes. So he was in a good mood and dressed himself up to meet the guests. Because it was the day before New Year's Day and the rush hour after work, the road was very congested. I thought, how can I be the son of the mayor of an important city in the country,magnetic separator machine, not afraid of being assassinated, kidnapped or something? After all, it's not too much to go out with a Mercedes Benz and two bodyguards. But my mother loves money, even an air-conditioned car seems to kill her, let alone take a taxi. I had to squeeze into the bus for more than an hour with tears in my eyes. When I got on the bus, I looked like a human being. When I got off the bus, my face was squeezed out of shape, and my white suit was wrinkled like pickles. I looked like a village entrepreneur. As soon as I got off the bus and saw the restaurant, I was happy. Rich,small gold wash plant, there are too good memories of me, Zhou Jilai's five thousand and eight hundred, is killed here, now think about it, the heart is dark cool. Entering the hotel, the greeter said that she had come early and led me and my mother to the door of the private room. I adjusted my facial expression and thought that no uncle or aunt would not fall down, so I raised my hand and knocked at the door. The door opened, revealing a super beautiful face, which made my face turn green. "Zhou Jilai!" I grinded my teeth, and just as my teeth were about to land on the back of his hand, my mother pushed me away. "Jilai, it's so big. Let aunt have a good look." It's closer than seeing my own son. I think my teeth are more oxygenated. This is the baby, and it's so big in the blink of an eye. Finally, someone welcomed me into the door from the forgotten corner. I knew the face next to her. Every time the Central Committee held a meeting, he was basically on the rostrum. Clever as I was, I immediately understood what was going on, adjusted my facial expression again, coltan ore processing ,mineral flotation, and put on an innocent smile. "Hello, Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou." Well-behaved and impeccable. Next to a pair of eyes staring at me with great interest, hum, have you ever seen a face-changing? Grandpa Bei will show you today. After the pleasantries, the waiter handed over the menu. After some refusal, the right to order fell into the hands of Zhou Jilai. He turned over symbolically and reported a lot of dishes. The more I listened, the more hairy I felt. That's what I came here last time. Jilai, so much, can you finish it? The man who paid the bill didn't feel bad. His father said it first. Nothing. The last time I came, two people ordered that much. With that, he took a conscious glance at me. I stood up, who is afraid of who, with your father and mother, you dare not do anything to me. Baby, the first time I held you, you were only one month old, remember? Aunt Zhou said that the smile on her face was very kind, but I would think of the fox face of Zhou Jilai. Nonsense. I want to remember. That's the ghost. I almost thought he would say something like the first time he hugged me, I urinated on him and so on, but this time Uncle Zhou opened his mouth. "Yes, at that time, you didn't cry or make a scene. Suddenly, you reached into my pocket and turned over my wallet. Your hands were too small to hold it, but you held it desperately.".
” Ha ha, this matter is like my consistent style, for the economy, both hands should be hard, originally I began to unswervingly implement from the womb. At present, their image has been greatly changed. It is unfortunate to give birth to a son like Zhou Jilai. How can I discriminate against them? The son is the son, and the father is the father. Zhou Jilai is a bastard, but his father is a model of a good public servant of the people. Why didn't I find it when I first entered the door. Before long, a table of six people were talking to each other. Dad and Uncle Zhou discussed current affairs and politics, Mom and Aunt Zhou exchanged family experiences, Zhou Jilai occasionally interjected a few words, but I always felt that he stared at me maliciously, I had to bow my head and eat fiercely. Baby, what are you going to do now? I was eating, suddenly my mother flew to such a sentence, I heard in the clouds, have not had time to digest, there is a bigger bomb flying. "Then let the baby move in with us Jilai and let Jilai take care of the baby." I was so scared that the chopsticks in my hand slipped to the ground. It turned out that my father was going to visit a foreign country at the end of January, and this time even my mother was going to go. At that time, we should also have winter vacation. My mother did not trust me to stay at home alone, so Aunt Zhou made such a bad move. I don't want it. I cried out in shock, and everyone stopped talking and looked back at me. "I mean, Principal Zhou is so busy, how can he bother him?" I laughed and quickly justified myself. Baby, he dare not listen to aunt, aunt beat him, what trouble is not trouble, just go to live, just like at home. If you are at home alone, your parents are not at ease outside. "No, I can stay with my relatives or with my friends." "Baby,Carbon in Pulp, is it because our family bullied you at school that we dare not go? Don't be afraid. Tell aunt." "No, it's not good for me to disturb President Zhou. In case he wants to bring a girlfriend back for the night, it's even worse to have me as a third wheel." I'm so anxious that I can't say anything. ore-magnetic-mining.com
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