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At this time has played four more drums, but she did not have a little bit of sleepiness, because Ji Rin's condition is getting worse and worse, even if he drank the medicine, the fever did not recede, can only continue to cool him down, if tomorrow his fever can not recede, Qu decided to let people go to Jingwangfu to invite King Jing. Believe that her sister loves her so much, even if King Jing doesn't want to come, her sister will tie him up. After changing the veil, she reached out and touched his red face, which was very hot and made her feel very uncomfortable. She did not know what had happened to him, and now that he was in a coma with a high fever, his expression was once very painful, which was obviously not due to illness, but to other things, which should be related to what he had done out of town today. So she could not help feeling that, in fact, he was now in a coma with a high fever because of this reason. Seeing that his lips were dry and flaky, she asked the servant girl to find a clean cotton swab and dip it in boiled water to wipe his lips. Young madam, you go to sleep first, and the prince will be guarded by the maidservant. Accompanied by the side of Gong Xin advised. But he shook his head. "How can I sleep when he's like this?" With these words, he touched the face of the man on the bed and gently pressed his fingers between his eyebrows, trying to smooth his wrinkled eyebrows. By the way, how is Chang An? Not sick, are you? She suddenly remembered the loyal servant who made her gnash her teeth with anger. Gong Xin peeped at her and hurriedly said, "Chang An is all right. Liu Xin cooked a bowl of ginger soup for him earlier. He drank it and sweated all over. He didn't get sick." Qu Yi frowned slightly, there is no reason for the master to get wet in the rain, the servant can go to hide. So Chang An should have been caught in the rain all day like Ji Rin, but Chang An was fine, but Ji Rin fell ill. Qu once again confirmed that this incident was a blow to Ji Rin,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, not only physically, but even mentally, so it would make him fall ill. What is it that can completely destroy a man? Ambition? Ji Rin's identity today, has no need to do anything, unless he wants to be the emperor, obviously he did not mean that. So there is no blow of broken ambition. As for the emotional life, Qu Lian thinks that after marrying him, she is well-behaved and has not done anything out of line. Recently, she has not been stingy with sweet words. A Shang is also lovely. Life is a little happy, and she will not suffer any blow because of this. So is it his status? He has been named the prince of Zhenguo since he was a child, and Princess Shuyi looks at him, and there will be no problem with his identity, that is, the attitude of the wife of Zhenguo as her own mother is somewhat strange. Is it really a question of identity? There's something in there she doesn't know? As he pondered, he was already speculating layer by layer, and his brain was very big. Chang An still won't say? Qu Qi asked again. Gong Xin gave her a quick glance, Amber Dropper Bottles ,30ml Dropper Bottle, but because of the angle problem, she could only see her side face, which looked a little cold. Her heart tightened slightly and she whispered, "Chang An has been kneeling in the flower hall without saying anything." Qu Yi frowned and calculated the time. Chang An had been kneeling for two and a half hours. Although he was annoyed and refused to say anything, he knew that he was loyal and that punishment was useless, and that she had not told him to kneel. "Forget it," he said. "Let him go back and have a rest. He doesn't have to kneel down." Gong Xin answered and went out. After waiting for her to come back, she says in a low voice tunnel: "Chang An says, prince does not wake, he grows kneel not to rise." "Kneel for what?" "You go and tell him that the prince is very good. Don't kneel down and be unlucky," he said in a bad voice. This is too impolite, and sure enough, Chang An dared not kneel any more this time and limped away from the flower hall. The night was getting deeper and deeper, and she was gradually unable to support herself. When she suddenly woke up, she found herself lying in bed, with darkness in her sight. He got up hurriedly, lifted the curtain of azure double-embroidered flowers, grass and insects, and found that there was only a dim lantern in the room, apparently it was still dark. It was still dark, but where was the sick man? Why is she lying on the bed? She didn't believe she would sleep so hard. Somebody! He shouted and put on his shoes, then put on the clothes hanging on the screen. Liu Xin and Bi Chun hurried in. Where is the prince? Qu asked in a harsh voice. The prince went to Hanshan Yaju. Bi Chun answered quickly.
Without saying a word, she rushed over, and Bi Chun hurried to find a brocade cloak to put on for her. Although she was anxious, she still looked at Liu Xin and asked, "When did the prince get up?"? How is he now. She touched the back of her neck and lowered her eyes slightly. "But the prince moved me to bed?" She clearly remembered that she was watching him, and then gradually lost her energy, and then she didn't know anything. The prince's fever had not yet subsided, and he went for a quarter of an hour. Liu Xin replied, "When the prince sees that you are tired, let the maidservants not disturb you." He turned his head and took a look at the leak. It was past the fourth watch, and it would soon be dawn. Remembering Ji Rin's illness before she went to bed, she pulled her whole heart up again and put on her cloak and went out. Just go out, a chill blow on the face, it is really a layer of autumn rain a layer of cool, although the rain has stopped, but this climate is even colder than yesterday when it rained. She was worried that Ji Rin was still ill, so she rushed to Hanshan Yaju, not knowing if she had added clothes or if it would aggravate her illness. Worried all the way, the footsteps did not stop, and soon arrived at Hanshan Yaju. Biqiu knocked at the door, and soon the woman guarding the courtyard opened the door. She was not very surprised to see Qu coming, probably because Ji Rin had just come. Did the prince come here just now? Qu asked. At this time, it was still dark, and the woman guarding the courtyard was carrying a lantern in her hand. Under the light, the young girl in a brocade cloak was timid, and even her voice was soft and gentle. Return to the prince's wife. The prince is with the princess. Got the news, Qu Yi then went into the cold mountain elegant residence, the side let people go to pass on. She did not know why Ji Rin just woke up, dragged the disease to find Princess Shuyi, so although she came over,Serum Bottle With Dropper, but also not rashly in the past, first let people go to pass, he slowed down the pace. penghuangbottle.com
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