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#1 Skrevet : 15. oktober 2019 09:25:52(UTC)

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I my 7 years playing WoW Classic that I might have clocked up 1,000 hours each year (in fact that is a bare minimum)_ and did not do one dungeon or raid. I have no interest in PvP them. I'm the guy shouting 125g to get a Crusader Enchant. Supplying 5000 cloth for rep hand ins to classic wow gold get cross faction mounts.

Buying whatever the most recent tier of herb, alloy and skin are to get high level crafters. Like I play the market, keeping Excel open. Having a second account with a Horde character at Booty Bay to get transfers.Man I LOVED this game. That was real. It was visceral. It was understanding.

Yes . I was buying had been occupying for dozens of hours. . By someone else. And I went to be cheap wow classic gold the main beneficiary of it. The buzz of taking a 130% profit. Disenchanting cheap blues for sufficient dust to make an enchant worth hundreds of Gold (pre tax stone ).People appeared, people needed, I had been whispered at always particularly on Friday nights.

It is just another choice. It will be there regardless and people can fall into it and when they want. From 2006 I've played by the way to where we are in 2019. Did not need anyone back then and that I definitely do not need anyone right now but I don't do raids and that I seldom do dungeons. The dungeons and I I really do play solo. Sure it took more to perform things but that's alright. The game is fine but it's a little dumbed down.
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