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Osrs has bonds buy OSRS gold certain. But you can't purchase xp like on RS3. Anyways those people buying bonds would have purchased it. I actually restarted RS3 on a main with no single DG flooring and I got 1-89 DG from last week's event. I also possess 50 agility SOLELY from mtx and 55 summoning without touching a charm or running a lap. It sucks knowing people irl can dump cash into the runescape game and possess everything easier and faster. It's no fair.

I've a couple 99 skills, about level 134 combat, and I can't kill just like 90% of managers. I'm just not. Maybe I am a newb, that is fine. However, I have put in years into runescape game and that I feel locked out from a massive majority of the content because of long quest lines in addition to a skill gap even for supervisors I do have access to.I've recently switched to another MMORPG that I've been appreciating but I feel just like RuneScape just wasn't available to me once I returned, even with my high level accounts. I tried to get my friends to join me on RuneScape however they voiced similar feelings of being locked out of so much rather than really comprehending 99% of the runescape game's strategies after doing the tutorial and exploring for hours, they said the runescape game was just'not fun' and'too confusing'.

I am not searching for'ez scape' but hell, even if I am doing a skill like Dungeoneering on my level 134 account and my friend who's played for two months logs in on a battle level 40 something or account, together with like 15 for all skills, he cannot open like 90 percent of those doorways and can't kill any of those monsters/bosses and he told me he feels like him there is completely useless. That's also how it feels for him outside dungeoneering just researching the runescape game normally, he feels unworthy when we try to play together.What I'm ultimately getting at here is that the material is targeted for people who have at least 5+ years together with the runescape game. It's not very welcoming to new runescape players and THAT WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD TO A DECREASE IN runescape playerS when those who have been loyal quit.

I'm on the fence with matters like this. I whole heartedly sense that OSRS Gold effort = greater reward. I am the type of runescape player who can perform really well with ability rotations and switches, but the majority of the time I just can not be bothered and end up performing semi-afk revolution. On the other hand, I fully believe that those who are eager to get sweaty and change just like mad men, ought to be rewarded with quicker kills, etc., the runescape game absolutely wants a system which works, is responsive and dependable, but what I believe it needs above that, is a proper and in-depth tutorial to studying the runescape game and it's variety of mechanics.

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